Ever wondered what our students do in their spare time? Ever wondered what our students do in their spare time?

UEA’s Outreach team work closely with current students who run clubs and societies, to offer workshops to schools, sixth forms and colleges in Norfolk and North Suffolk. We work with some fantastic groups of students who are keen to support PHSE and citizenship curriculums and give great insight into their areas of study, interests and what they get up to in their free time. This is a great way for your students to learn about something new, as well as increasing their university knowledge.

You will find information below relating to current opportunities.If you would like to book something in, please use the contact form to send over a request and we will be in touch. If you have any questions regarding any student groups, please email schoolsoutreach@uea.ac.uk or call 01603 591521.

Important note – as these groups are run by current students, please allow a minimum of four weeks' notice when you are requesting a workshop. Our students' best availability for workshops is typically Wednesday afternoons but we can try to accommodate other times with plenty of notice.

All workshops are free for schools, noting our requirements:

  • A teacher must be present throughout workshops or sessions to manage their pupil’s behaviour and support groups with any equipment needs
  • We are unable to work with whole year groups across a whole day due to UEA student’s own study commitments
  • We would like to collect feedback from sessions where possible and will contact you to collect this following a workshop.

Please spend a few minutes reading about the student groups we work with below; if you have any queries, please email schoolsoutreach@uea.ac.uk.


Sexpression Sexpression

Sexpression:UK is an independent network of student projects based at UK universities who believe in empowering young people to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health through education. They run workshops in schools to provide Sex and Relationships education in line with the new Government guidance. 

The values of the network are as follows:

  • Creating opportunities to discuss sexual matters in an open, non-judgmental environment
  • Promoting individual self-esteem and empowerment
  • Encouraging respect for personal beliefs and values
  • Facilitating informed decision-making and autonomy regarding sex
  • Ensuring that young people have the skills and knowledge to access sources of confidential advice

The topics covered by the group include:

  • Healthy Relationships and Abuse – characteristics of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships of all kinds, criminal behaviour within relationships and improving and supporting respectful relationships
  • Sex and Consent – laws around consent, exploitation, abuse, coercion, harassment and rape, unacceptable behaviour, communicating and recognising consent, being ready for sex and resisting sexual pressure
  • Contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections – contraception choices, STIs including HIV/AIDS, treatment and prevention of STIs and accessing contraception
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity – information on sexual orientations and gender identities and prejudice and stereotypes of LGBT+ people
  • Bodily Changes – puberty, menstruation including menopause and pregnancy
  • Sex and The Media – laws around sexting, influence and realism of pornography and the influence of media (including social media) on body image and self-esteem

Sexpression’s workshops last 1 hour in length and are best delivered group not exceeding 30 students. These sessions are best aimed at those from years 7-13 and messages can be tailored for audience age-group. Sessions can also be linked to the ciriculum - please see full details here. All sessions are LGBT+ inclusive.



Headucate Headucate

Headucate is a student-lead society initially formed by medical students. It has since grown to a university-wide society boasting members from a variety of different courses. Headucate is passionate about raising awareness of mental health, stamping out the stigma surrounding poor mental health, tackling discrimination and sign-posting to help available by running workshops with groups of school students. This aims to open a forum for discussion about mental health in a safe environment and promotes mental health awareness and well-being.

This year we have created an exciting new programme to strengthen mental health awareness within schools and create a lasting impact. The new structure is simple: we will deliver a workshop to a group of no more than 30 students who have been selected by the school to become their very own Headucate Ambassador Committee. Students will be provided with a workshop PowerPoint, script and flyer template as part of a Headucate ambassador pack. It is then up to the Headucate ambassadors to use these resources to deliver workshops to the rest of their peers in small groups. We also hope the students will make a lasting impact by planning and delivering more sessions after the initial workshop, getting involved with fundraising for mental health charities and flagging any concerns about peers’ mental health to pastoral teams. We hope that by providing this opportunity, schools can select students who can benefit from this experience and build on their skills in preparation for later life.

The overall benefits of this format rather than a standard assembly workshop include:

  • Smaller workshops with students selected by their school to act as mental health advocates, feeding into schools existing safeguarding policies
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • A lasting presence of mental health awareness within the school
  • Encourages group work
  • Students feel less intimidated to share their opinions in a smaller group of peers

The benefits for students involved include:

  • Developing creativity, public speaking and organisational skills when planning and delivering sessions and other events, such as fundraising events
  • Leadership opportunities within the committee, by electing a president and vice president
  • Being part of a committee structure that creates stronger ties with UEA and also gives them a taste of university life
  • Excellent project to be involved in to reference on CVs and personal statements

The workshop will cover the themes of what mental health is, some common mental health conditions particularly addressing some common misconceptions, signposting to coping strategies and support and treatment available and how to approach someone with a mental illness.

We will also discuss their role as Headucate Ambassadors and give them lots of ideas of how they can get involved and bring Headucate to their school. The workshop will last roughly one hour in length and is delivered best to a group of no more than 30 students. These sessions are aimed at students in years 10-13.