29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Young

Hello everyone! 

I'm glad to meet you on this University of East Anglia international students' website. I am Young and I did a PhD in B2B Relationship Marketing at Norwich Business School (NBS).

Until now, not many people in Korea may be familiar with the University of East Anglia. Neither was I. In fact, when people decide to study abroad, the main factors considered could be research network, relationships with researchers including supervisors (particularly, for postgraduate students), university's support for students, the safety and convenience of the city and the future career after graduating from the university. In the light of my experience at UEA and in Norwich, I think my decision to study at UEA was the best for me. Fortunately, I have got an NBS studentship for all PhD processes. I think each school including NBS tries to give chances for international students to study at UEA. If you plan to study PhD in the UK, why not try applying for a UEA studentship? Additionally, Norwich is one of safest cities in the UK. Besides, there are new big shopping malls in Norwich city centre, so you can feel the convenience of shopping just like in Korea.


UEA campus has many benefits. First, it is a campus-based university. It is very convenient because you can find a food store, coffee shop, post office, book store and more on campus. Second, the campus is like a park where you can feel the change of seasons and be in communion with nature. Third, the campus offers a variety of facilities which can make your campus life better. For instance, the Sainsbury Centre which has held exhibitions; the Sportspark has an Olympic-sized pool, climbing wall, athletics track, gym and an extensive range of sports and leisure activities; and a lake.

I wish you all the best. Hope to see you at the University of East Anglia soon!

Norwich Business School

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