17 June 2019

My UEA Story: William

It’s one of my school’s favourite partners. Everyone who has come to UEA from my school is obsessed with it –they love it!

What classes are you taking?

I’m taking one class in the school of Art, Media and American studies and then two in the school of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication. I think I’m spending more time studying here because I’m genuinely interested in what I’m studying. So I’ll read, reread and there is always a list of further reading so I’ll look that up too.

What are you enjoying most about life at university UEA?

Definitely the size of the university as I thrive off the hustle and bustle. What I’ve loved about UEA is that it keeps me busy! All the social activities have helped me find where I belong.

Have you found it easy to integrate?

The first week was hard and I was very nervous about putting myself out there. Once I got to know my flatmates and met people in my classes I made friends and now I feel very settled.I’ve made friends from international events -it’s good that the university has that.

What was your first impression when you arrived?

When I arrived, I oddly enough felt like home because I go to this tiny liberal arts college, but being from LA I’d always wanted to go to a university, and so when I got here and I saw how big it was, and I saw all the things available to you I said, ‘oh my God, why didn’t I come here?’

Do you engage in other activities, such as sports, societies and clubs?

Yes! When I got to UEA I was told to go to the societies/sports fair. I joined UEA:TV because my home institution doesn’t have one and I love TV. I’ve always had a passion for journalism and writing, so I joined Concrete (student newspaper). I also joined the LCS (Language & Communication Studies) society because I’m a native Spanish speaker so it’s fun meeting other people who speak Spanish.

I love Norwich. It’s very quaint but there is also lots to do. There are so many restaurants and shops, plus the architecture is really great!

Would you recommend UEA to other students?

Yes, definitely. It gives you a different experience of college life. There are so many things to study, and you can really expand your horizons on going to another culture. UEA is close to London so you can visit the city, but it’s also its own town and has a lot to offer. The transportation is also good. 


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