17 August 2022

UEA Law Clinic


UEA Law School recently established its own Law Clinic, utilising the fantastic skills of its lecturers, students and partnered lawyers to provide free support to those in need of legal advice.


The team was tasked with editing the Law Clinic Website and Family Court Information sites to have relevant information for the region. This involved researching various charities and support services who can provide relevant assistance to people facing sensitive crises, and how they can get in contact by phone, online, or in person. The team was also asked to offer advice on social media and marketing strategy with some assistance of graphical edits.


The edits were made without too much trouble, setting the sites up for the full launch of the clinic to the public. The next steps will include a shift towards marketing and social media. The research feedback provided further context for the regional needs and what could be useful to bear in mind in the launching of the Law Clinic.


“The Gateway to Growth interns did invaluable research to support the establishment of a new business law clinic and supporting media activities. Their insight was incredibly helpful in enabling me to think through what we needed to do on this important new project.” – Polly Morgan, UEA Law Clinic.

Personal Insight

“I was able to gain valuable experience in web editing by using the Sanity software to amend a previously Bristol-based family law website into one with contacts more applicable to Norwich and Norfolk instead. This also utilised my research skills developed at degree level in order to effectively complete the task at hand.” – Marcus.