06 January 2021

The Norwich Good Economy Commission (NGEC) Marketing/Outreach And Research Project


The NGEC is a partnership between the University of East Anglia and Norwich City Council. The aims of the Commission are to raise awareness about key issues with the Norwich economy, highlighting issues often neglected in mainstream thinking, policies and action, and to help create a dialogue about the city economy, encouraging new perceptions of the economy and its relation to wider issues.


The Internship Team were tasked with researching the impact of Covid-19 on the economy nationally and in Norwich, finalising the research as an analytical report. This involved highlighting emerging local key issues and any knowledge gaps around the impact of Covid-19, and looking into viable forms of intervention in the economy following the crisis. 


The final report fulfilled its goal to provide a snapshot of some of the effects of the pandemic on the economy of Norwich. It made several important conclusions, using the relevant data to highlight how the pandemic will likely exacerbate many long-standing economic issues prevalent in Norwich.


"The Gateway to Growth interns have been invaluable in helping to get the Norwich Good Economy Commission established. Taking the lead on key areas of research they have proved themselves adaptable and resourceful, quickly becoming essential members of the core team.

-Noel Longhurst, UEA lecturer and academic lead for NGEC

Personal Insights

"Working for the NGEC has been an amazing opportunity to work holistically on the economy of Norwich to try and improve how its economy is lived by its residents and to tackle the existing problems within it in an open-minded fashion."

-Harry Nicholls, Gateway to Growth Intern