05 January 2021

The NCSD Kizito Mihigo Documentary


The Norwich Centre for Social Development (NCSD) aim to improve the quality of lives of people in Norfolk by developing innovative social actions and empowering existing ones in order to address identified social and economic needs. They are one of the tenants in the UEA Enterprise Centre (TEC) regional business hub, one of the hub partners in the Gateway to Growth project.



The Internship Team was asked to provide technical videography assistance to NCSD by producing a short documentary and also, to develop a strategy for the implementation of subsequent documentaries. 
The documentary was filmed for The Global Campaign for Rwandan Human Rights organisation, focusing on the death of Gospel singer, political activist and genocide survivor Kizito Mihigo, a Rwandan hero.



Although the documentary was filmed in two non-English languages, the groundwork laid in pre-production was able to facilitate an agile workflow that could accommodate frequent feedback. What resulted was a polished, professional quality 30-minute documentary that was completed in 5 days.
In a week, the documentary attracted 95k views and saw the subscriber count for the organisation more than tripled. 


Moving Forward

The project is set to enter into phase II and the Gateway to Growth Hub Internship Squad are looking forward to continuing their work with the organisation.


Personal Insights

"It was a valuable learning experience to learn how to manage and direct a production crew as my previous videography works were one man projects. The estimated time of project completion was ultimately too tight considering the language barrier. However, the ability to give feedback remotely and solid pre-production groundwork kept the project workflow agile."

-Henry OpiƱa, Gateway to Growth Intern