06 January 2021

St George’s Works Marketing Project


St George’s Works (SGW) is a co-working space in the heart of Norwich’s rapidly growing creative quarter; the project commissioners are senior managers within the SGW team. SGW are one of the hub partners in the Gateway to Growth Hub project, and provided a mutually beneficial marketing and communications project to the Internship Hub. 


SGW is looking to improve the quality of their offerings to their tenants and make a bigger impact on the wider community of businesses in the city. The Internship Team was tasked with three primary goals:

  1. Assess the quality of their offerings to their tenants.

  2. Review and improve their community & digital communications.

  3. Evaluate the viability of implementing a booking system.


After thorough market research and the creation of reports and a tenant survey, the Internship Team concluded that SGW offered good facilities at a competitive price. They also reviewed & proposed changes to make the website more user-friendly and created a detailed social media strategy to put the SGW community at the centre and promote the building’s greatest offerings. 


"Together the interns brought fresh insight, perspective and knowledge to SGW with their innovative ideas. We were very impressed with their skill level and their ability to learn and understand our business in a short time, identify our needs, and suggest options to help us grow our existing offering. If you get the chance to work with G2G we would highly recommend it."

- Marcella Blakey, Facilities Manager, St George’s Works 

Personal Insights

"Working with SGW has given me a useful insight into what a co-working community is and its variety of tenants that we had a chance to talk to and learn more about. As a marketing graduate, the project helped me work on my skillset through conducting market research and proposing a social media strategy to improve their digital communications within the community." 

- Philline Vicente, Gateway to Growth intern