17 June 2019

My UEA Story: Razak Agbota

I am Razak Agbota, I am a Postgraduate student of Agriculture and Global Development, University of East Anglia. I applied to about 15 schools in the UK and got 12 offers which gave me a chance to weigh my options. Few of the schools that offered me admissions attached a discount on my tuition fees to the their offers but the discount from UEA was the highest (5000 pounds) which automatically reduced my my options. I then proceeded to checking the ranks of the universities I had left and found that UEA and 6 others schools are consistently been ranked among the top 25 universities in the UK then I decided to check the options for tuition payment and I found out UEA requires minimum of two thousand pounds as deposit from my home country (Nigeria) and I can pay the balance in three to nine instalments then I decided to choose UEA. Then I proceeded to the visa application stage, at this stage I was already having a clue how my experience will look like on campus because the representative was very supportive and gives all necessary information. Of course everything was successful and I found myself on our friendly and aesthetic campus in October although I arrived 2 weeks late.

My journey on the soil of UEA began and I started attending lectures. The love and willingness to help and assist that comes from the lecturers and other staff of the university is inexplicable which really boost my sense of belongingness. The friendly environment in the class really had a great influence on my learning process.

The most thrilling part of my experience is the city where UEA is located. The people of Norwich are really good and accommodating people, very lovely and always willing to render assistance I am so pleased to say I live in an environment where I feel safe and loved. Norwich is peaceful, all social amenities, stores, restaurants, game houses(my favourite) are easily accessible the icing on the cake is that living expenses in Norwich is affordable


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