Productivity East

Productivity East is an upcoming regional hub for engineering, technology and management. Created by UEA in partnership with the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NALEP), New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (NAAME) and Tech East, the hub aims to facilitate innovation and collaboration between UEA academics, students and the industries which thrive across the Norwich Business Park.

Productivity East will also foster collaboration internally by bringing together academics from across the School of Engineering, the School of Computer Sciences and the Norwich Business School.

Task / Brief

The team was tasked with researching and compiling a list of sector press pertaining to the fields of engineering, manufacturing, technology, business and education. This directory would later serve the interests of Productivity East by aiding the promotion of the hub itself, along with the research and innovation it facilitates and nurtures. The brief also required the compilation of data regarding potential design awards that the new hub building could be eligible for, along with project-based awards that future clients and researchers could be encouraged to pursue.


The team produced a database of over 40 publications detailing the sector, publication type, format and frequency, readership estimate and contact details. The team was also able to identify over 20 different design and academic awards and provided detail regarding award type (e.g. International, National, Regional or Local), award frequency, application deadlines and eligibility criteria.


The G2G team were a pleasure to work with. Their assistance and insights were invaluable for us at a time when tasks were piling up and we were concerned about how we would get everything completed. With very little input and guidance from ourselves, they diligently and thoroughly compiled information and kept in communication via a few suggested touch-points. This was all during Covid lockdown when we were all facing unprecedented additional pressures and were having to find new ways of working. Having such a resource as G2G to call upon is a huge asset to The Enterprise Centre and the University.”

– Angela Macdonald, Commercial Officer for Productivity East and The Enterprise Centre at UEA

Personal Insights

 Completing this project for Productivity East was an exciting opportunity as it was my first experience of market research. I am sure that this will prepare me for future projects too. It was also a very eye-opening experience as I had no idea just how many scientific publications were out there. I am very excited to see the official launch of this new hub and what it does for academia and business in the region.”

– Sophie Bitten, Gateway to Growth Intern