Norwich Brand Cluster


The Norwich Brand Cluster is an upcoming association of creative agencies based in the city of Norwich. The overarching vision of the cluster is to make Norwich one of the top 3 cities in the UK for branding. The central tenets of the cluster are to deliver branding in a manner that is inclusive and continues the Norwich tradition of “doing different”. An additional goal of the cluster is to generate more revenue for Norwich’s creative scene and promote economic growth for the region.


Task / Brief

The tasks set for the interns related to the development of the cluster and raising its profile. These tasks translated into five key strands:

  1. Research and Strategy – Compiling databases pertaining to Norwich-based creative agencies and well-renowned Norwich brands.
  2. Networking – Organising and running webinars to further raise the profile of the cluster in addition to maintaining a mailing list of interested parties.
  3. Talent – Establishing a connection with the Brixton Finishing School to create a Norwich chapter of their “ADcelerate” week which is designed to highlight the creative opportunities the area has to offer.
  4. Education – Coordinate with the Norwich Business School at UEA to develop a future Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course.
  5. Communication – Preparing content to publicise the cluster once social media platforms and a domain have been secured.


To date, the interns have helped to facilitate two webinars, the first in collaboration with The History of Advertising Trust and the second with the New Anglia LEP. These events focused on sustainability and diversity in advertising. Concerning research and strategy, the interns have constructed a database of 50 creative agencies operating in Norwich. Contact has been established with the Brixton Finishing School and a preliminary date has been set for the end of September for the “ADcelerate” employability week. A social media content plan has been developed and will commence once a domain has been secured.



“Brand Cluster Norwich is a totally new initiative, and it took a huge amount of hard work just to get the idea off the ground. I can’t understate the impact of our Gateway to Growth interns. Without them, it simply wouldn’t have happened. Thank you so much Alfie, Eva and Sophie.”

- Robert Jones, Professor of Brand Leadership, University of East Anglia Personal Insights


Personal Insights

“Being able to be involved with the creation of the Brand Cluster since its very beginning is very exciting and has enabled me to help with various tasks, from event organising to marketing and research. I think there is an incredible amount of potential in this project and I cannot wait to see it blossom.”

- Eva Leharova - Gateway to Growth Intern