29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Kiriko

“I’ve most enjoyed my visits to Leeds Castle and Canterbury because I could get there really easily on the bus”

What made you choose UEA? 

I chose UEA because I could study Global Development and I saw UEA was ranked highly. At first I asked some Japanese educational agencies for advice and they gave me a list of overseas institutes that might be good options for me. I took the list of universities to my professor, and when I talked to him, he recommended UEA.

What was your first impression of UEA when you arrived? 

The amount of nature was very surprising to me, as I hadn’t expected to find a lake, a forest and so many bunnies and squirrels! Having the Sportspark on campus is also very convenient. The campus is huge and bigger than my home university. Campus is almost too useful; there is a bar, a grocery shop, a bank – you don’t need to go out! 

What is your impression of Norwich as a city?

I went sightseeing in the first week and found Norwich to be very beautiful. I went to the Cathedral and it reminded me of Harry Potter. To me, Norwich looks very British and the city really classic. The city is compact so it makes it a lot of fun to walk around.

Do you engage in other activities/ extracurricular courses?

So far I’ve joined the Salsa Society, Model UN, and the Oxfam society. I haven’t joined yet, but I’m also thinking of joining the French, Spanish or Latin American Societies too. 

My favourite thing about campus is the lake. I go jogging and walking around it with my flatmates - we find it so beautiful.  

Would you recommend UEA to other students from your home university?

Yes, absolutely! Campus is really nice and also if you have any problems, you can speak to other Japanese students. The teachers have helped me a lot and are really nice. I always go up after the class and ask more questions which deepens my understanding and lets me get other feedback.  

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