29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Huyen

My name is Huyen. I am a Masters student studying International Accounting and Finance Management. To students, especially to international students, choosing the right university to study is very crucial. There are various reasons that attracted me to choosing University of East Anglia.

One of the most important reasons is that the quality of teaching and study at UEA has increased more and more considerably in recent years. It is demonstrated by its ranking in the top 20 of UK Universities. In fact, lecturers and staff of UEA always give the best conditions for me to familiarise with life and studying. There are many free classes, such as study skill class and English language support programme which are very useful for us to keep up with new studying approach. These help international students develop the English language skills necessary for successful academic study.

Besides, UEA is also an excellent place to experience life in UK. Being my first time of coming abroad to study away from home, my priority was to find a place which brings me safety and peace. It is very easy and convenient for students to reach the facilities within the campus such as Restaurants, Café, Bookshop, Union Food Outlet, Banks, Paper shops etc.

After working hard, my friends and I can relax by walking on the lush greenery or along the lake, dancing and listening to music in LCR, Union Bar etc. Students are always encouraged to join in a range of societies, clubs or volunteer events in order to make friends, explore culture and enjoy life. Furthermore, staff at Career Centre, UEA Home Run and Medical Centre are very enthusiastic to help students with knowledge of future jobs, find part-time jobs or accommodation etc.    It only takes you about 15 minutes from UEA to go to city centre by bus to shop or visit Norwich – a charming and colourful city.

The climate in Norwich is quite warm and the air is clean and fresh. Moreover, you are always welcome by local people who are polite and warm-hearted. These are also the reasons for my choice. Now I believe in my choice, I'm enjoying life here and broadening my mind.


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