Hethel Innovation and Digital Media Support

Since their inception in 2006, Hethel Innovation has become a leading provider of business support and business space in the East Anglia region. With their bespoke business advice and guidance, Hethel has supported over 600 businesses and helped to create over 1500 jobs.

Task / Brief

Ahead of their upcoming marketing campaign, due to launch in October 2021, the interns were asked to assist with creating a variety of marketing materials. These included blog posts, graphics for social media posts, animations, and videos.


The interns produced a blog series related to Hethel’s business support offer encompassing bespoke advice, workshops and training, virtual tenancy and hired working space. These blog entries will feature on Hethel Innovation’s website. The interns also produced a series of brand compliant graphics to accompany social media posts for Hethel’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.


Sophie and Zara were fantastic during the time they spent with us at Hethel Innovation and provided invaluable support on the marketing campaign we were running, working on social media graphics, blog posts and even animations. Both picked up the Hethel brand and tone fantastically and were keen to throw themselves into all the tasks given to them!”

- Sam Currall, Marketing Executive, Hethel Innovation 

Working on Hethel’s marketing materials was a fantastic opportunity. Having next to no marketing experience, it was great to be able to try something completely different and develop a completely new set of skills needed for content creation and graphic design!”

 - Sophie Bitten, Gateway to Growth Intern