17 August 2022

Hansatech Instruments


This family-run company based near King’s Lynn has specialised in the production of bioscience research instruments for 50 years. They have had to adapt their marketing strategy in recent months due to the constraints that COVID-19 restrictions have placed on in-person conferences which provided a substantial portion of their sales/marketing strategy.


Task / Brief

The primary objective for the interns was to establish a consistent and brand-appropriate stream of social media content in order to utilise the opportunities this format presents. This operated in conjunction with in-depth research into competitors’ strategies as well as search engine optimisation research.

The project consisted of a 2-month proof of concept in which this timeframe was covered with a regular social media schedule.

Phase 2 of the work with Hansatech involved devising a self-sustaining source of content to ensure the interns were not limited by capacity restrictions on Hansatech’s side of things. A plan was formed during a meeting to collect the data regarding articles and research projects which cited Hansatech’s products as being utilised. These would then be analysed and the content summarised into a blog/article format along a research focused, thematic basis. This content could then be translated further into social media posts and website content.

By doing this we have found a strategy which allows us to build a body of content which will continue to grow and can be carried out with full autonomy by the interns in order to maximise the efficiency of everyone’s time.



The interns successfully developed a system for generating content via the articles researched in the data mining aspect of the project, turning these into blogs and social media posts. They were able to conduct an interview with UEA biologist Dr Andrew Gates about his work and his use of Hansatech’s Instruments.

Personal Insight

Working with Hansatech Instruments has proven to be a particularly rewarding experience. Whilst we initially felt close to a breakthrough in terms of how best to produce content in a self-sustaining manner. By combining our data mining work with the articles to generate blog posts we were able to find a very rewarding solution which was a significant source of confidence for me personally. – Marcus.