29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Hannah

 “I feel like I’m very at home here even though it’s so different from back home!”

What classes are you taking at UEA?  

I’m taking Introduction to Art History, American Art and Photography, and Learning on Site: The Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts. They’re unique to UEA. It’s about 2 hours for each class and they’re all spread out - I have Monday and Friday off so I just have classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Does this differ from your home university? 

The essays at home aren’t all at the end, they’re spread out throughout the semester. Right now it seems very easy, but I know it’s going to get harder, so I have to keep up with my work. I do about six hours of reading for each class, but this will also pick up at the end with all my essays.  

What made you choose UEA? 

It was mainly the museum on campus. I also wanted to go an English speaking place, and I wanted to go to a university that had mainly students from that country because I wanted to be immersed in the culture. My school told me this would be the perfect fit!  

What was your first impression when you arrived?

Very cool architecture! The Ziggurats were shocking! I really like the lake and how everything is pretty spread out. It’s a much bigger campus than my school and I like the diversity. 

Have you found it easy to integrate?

The first week was hard and I was very nervous about putting myself out there. Once I got to know my flatmates and met people in my classes I made friends and now I feel very settled. I’ve made some friends from my courses and some friends that I made at the international events, it’s good that the university has that. I feel like I have friends from all over the university!  

I love Norwich. It’s very quaint but there is also lots to do. There are so many restaurants and shops, plus the architecture is really great! 

Would you recommend UEA to other students? 

Yes, definitely. It gives you a different experience of college life. There are so many things to study, and you can really expand your horizons on going to another culture. UEA is close to London so you visit the city, but it’s also its own town and has a lot to offer. The transportation is also good.  



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