Discover Video (UEA Award)

The UEA Award is an employability programme run by the Careers Service (CareerCentral) at UEA. The programme is designed to help current students and recent graduates articulate and demonstrate their academic and extra-curricular achievements to employers. The UEA Award consists of three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold), with each level requiring a certain number of hours of activity to achieve.

The Discover programme is a precursor to this and teaches users how to reflect on their experiences using the CARL (Context, Action, Results, Learning) structure.

Task / Brief

The interns were tasked with creating an introductory video for the programme to be added to CareerCentral’s resources/website.


A three-minute-long animated video was produced which introduced the programme, informed viewers of how to use the CARL structure and signposted to further help within CareerCentral.


The Discover programme is an automated self-reflection programme for all UEA students. We needed an introduction video that would really promote the benefits of the programme while clearly setting out how it worked and the strategies students should use to reflect on their day-to-day activities. This was no mean feat in a three-minute video but Zara and Sophie were true professionals from the initial planning meeting all the way through to launching the finished product. They understood the brief perfectly and made any minor tweaks as soon as suggestions were made. The end result is a slick, succinct animated video that introduces the programme perfectly.”

– Natalie Freeman, Skills Award Officer, CareerCentral


 This was another interesting project to work on as I was able to develop yet another new skillset. Before starting this project, I had no animation experience so it was a nice challenge to try something completely new and creative rather than sticking to my strengths and what I already know. I was very surprised at how quickly I was able to pick it up!”

– Sophie Bitten, Gateway to Growth Intern