06 January 2021

Concentric Circles - Marketing/Outreach And Analytics Project


Concentric Circles (CC) is a Norwich based independent theatre with a focus on insightful European, contemporary performances; the client’s project commissioner is the artistic director responsible for all the aspects of running the company and is currently developing a business plan for the next 5 years.


The Internship Hub was tasked with advising CC on its outreach and marketing for an upcoming performance and also, content for its associated Art’s Council bid. As a result, the Internship Hub resource had the opportunity to assist a great contributor to Norfolk’s broad theatre scene.


The Internship Team were involved in a mixture of demographic analytics and more generalized marketing tactics including different social media campaigns tailored to the afore-mentioned demographics. Pending the outcome of their Art’s Council bid, CC have committed to a further and extended paid piece of work in order to deliver their project to its audience.


“Gateway to Growth is a great program, beneficial for both SMEs and UEA graduates. I worked with a team of four interns who were savvy, enthusiastic and dynamic. Each of them had different strengths and they were very good at collaborating amongst them and with me for the best possible result.”

- Adina Levay, Owner and Artistic Director, Concentric Circles

Personal Insights

“… for the team, this was a great chance to intersperse our skills, pushing those of us with more of a marketing background in the area of analytics and vice-versa. There were also plenty of chances for all of us to practice and improve our individual copywriting skills.”

- Harry Nicholls and Cieran Kemsley, Gateway to Growth interns