06 January 2021

Circular Economy For Food And Drink (CEFAD) – Comms & Research Project


The Hethel Innovation Centre is heading a NALEP area wide drive to get food and drink companies in the region involved in a circular economic model (CEFAD). This involves finding ways to commercialise by-products of production that are currently treated as waste, or conversely involving other waste products in their business processes. This may be in the form of direct food waste, packaging waste or other by products.


The team’s work involved research, communications and outreach to increase awareness of a 'circular economy' and the possible economic benefits alongside the obvious ecological advantages. This is particularly important in the time of COVID-19 when companies are unilaterally under more economic pressure and new potential income streams will be eagerly welcomed, and in some cases, may be necessitated. 


The project culminated in a large business presentation to many companies in the area, which included four exemplar case studies of the waste products. Potential alternative uses were found for waste products and County spanning interest in the project going forward was ignited. A business model and work flow was also fully audited to create more holistic suggestions as to how they could become fully zero carbon.


"Harry & Cieran were a pleasure to work with through our CEFAD project. The research conducted and presented to businesses was of a really high quality, and I couldn't have hoped for more. Both managed to work well independently when I came into a busy  period. I am really happy with the work the G2G programme has allowed us to create, and would recommend to anyone considering using the platform.” 

-Jordan Sharman (Hethel Project Lead for CEFAD)

Personal Insights

“Working for the circular food economy project was very rewarding both personally and professionally. There was a possibility to make both an ecological difference in the region but also to put my semi-scientific background to great use researching scientific advancements in the possibilities of a circular economic model.”

-Harry Nicholls, Gateway to Growth intern