17 June 2019

My UEA Story: Artyom Golossenko

I am Artyom Golossenko, I studied a Masters in Advance Business Management at UEA. I chose UEA for studying a Master's degree because I was looking for a course that would provide opportunities to investigate business and social research methods as well as understand the comprehensive nature of business management. 

The university campus is one of the things that encouraged me to stay and study at UEA. The campus provides various facilities such as stores, cafes and coffee shops that make it easier to live on the campus. In addition there is a significant number of studying areas across the campus, where students can focus on their studies in a quiet and comfortable environment. The academic approach at UEA has taught me to think critically, make analytical decisions and solve complicated problems. The study process has never been so enjoyable as everyone in the university is very supportive, friendly and ready to share their knowledge and experience with me. 

In terms of social life it is really simple to find new friends, as there are over 200 societies and clubs run by students and you will definitely find the one that suits your interests the most. At the same time students are very friendly, just don’t be shy. Apart from socialising, it is also good to keep yourself in a good physical shape, and for that reason you should join Sportspark, which is one of the biggest indoor sports centres in England, located on the university campus.

Norwich is one of the most attractive cities in the United Kingdom. It has beautiful historical architecture as well as great shopping, cultural, musical and nightlife areas. Whether you are interested in music festivals or art exhibitions, the city always has something to offer you. Norwich, known for it's low crime rates is also one of the safest cities in England.

My experience at UEA has been incredibly rewarding and UEA is a great place to start or continue your academic path. 


Norwich Business School