29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Anisha Naomi

My name is Anisha Naomi, and I’m a former Law student. I first heard of UEA through my university back home  under a transfer programme. Torn deciding between two universities, after much research and going through reviews  (mostly by my parents), I was highly impressed by the statistics and satisfaction level, not to mention UEA’s ranking.  After making the choice of coming to UEA, I'm so glad to say it’s one of the best decisions I've made. At UEA I quickly  realised how their main priority is student satisfaction and pushing the students to reach their best potential, at the same time giving them the best university experience.  Another factor that was key to us was safety, Norwich being within the top 10 safest places to be a student. 

What are the best bits about life at the UEA? 

I think I was mostly impressed with the people here, from lecturers to students. The Student Union is always ready to listen to whatever problem you may be facing or whatever project ideas you have! At UEA everyone is free to express themselves and I think that’s a major part of the university experience as it helps you find yourself, as well as mould and prepare you to transition into the working world. Speaking of work, another feature which caught my eye was the career central which exposes students to various job opportunities, albeit internships, training contracts or actual future jobs. I’m a member of the Law Society and together with career central they organise various talks, drop in sessions and internships for students. Besides jobs, the Student Life International Team also organises activities and trips for students to capitalise on their time here. 


What are your first impressions of your degree course? 

Law isn’t easy, then again what course is. However, the lecturers are so passionate and invested in making sure we do the best we can and that they help us get there. They were helpful with any questions and queries never making anyone feel small.  Academics aside, I fell in love with UEA more and more everyday due to various reasons from the absolutely breathtaking campus, the diversity and the various amounts of clubs and societies available. There’s really something to cater to everyone’s fancy. The UEA campus is like a little quaint city centre on its own. It was clear that convenience was key here as students now can find everything such as multiple cafes to satisfy your daily caffeine needs, laundrettes, 24-hour library, the ever famous LCR, the medical centre, the reliable campus kitchen, bus stops running to town and much more! 

What is it like living in Norwich? 

Norwich really is a picturesque city, from the gorgeous buildings, cathedrals and charming little cafes to the Norwich Market (home to great street food) and various knick knacks. Also lying in the heart of these coloured tents is an Asian store, which I frequently find myself in to satisfy my Malaysian food needs.

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