Resources and groups Resources and groups

Across the Faculty there are number of research facilities for use by researchers and each School has provisions for supporting research activities, such as conference attendance and pump priming research activities.

The Faculty has also supported the development of researcher networks to bring together individuals with similar interests who may otherwise not meet:


There are around 60 economists at UEA spread across three Faculties. The Economists@uea network provides a contact list, registry of research interests, specialist events and distributes information of common interest.

SSF Contract Researchers Network

This network was established to bring together the contract research staff in the Faculty for mutual support and interest.

UEA Psychologists

To support the ongoing development of psychology as a social science discipline at UEA, this network brings together psychology researchers from both health and social sciences to encourage further collaboration and activities of mutual benefit.

AIDS and development

This group of health and social science researchers from across two faculties meet and collaborate regularly to further research into HIV and AIDS in the developing world.

Beyond the Faculty, members participate in a range of other networks including "Social Policy at UEA" and The Faculty Research Office coordinates and supports these networks

Online resources

The Faculty provides an intranet site for staff detailing funding opportunities, research events, examples of successful grant applications and other information of use to social science academics at UEA.

Research facilities

Schools in the Faculty have invested in developing a range of laboratories and facilities for use in research. These include an experimental economics laboratory, psychology research pods, observation suites and specialist computer laboratories. Use of these facilities can sometimes be arranged for individuals and groups outside of the Schools concerned.