UEA research is at the heart of providing answers to some of the world’s most pressing health concerns.

Our healthy living and ageing research covers a range of disciplines which share the aim of improving lives on a global scale, as well as helping to inform major policy changes. An ageing population requires research that can meet its needs and can provide information on how to live and age as healthily as possible.

Latest Healthy Living and Ageing Research

Healthy living and ageing

A Cure for cataracts?

“We have shown that even at an early age, eating more blueberries and strawberries may reduce the risk of a heart attack later in life. ”

Prof Aedin Cassidy
Prof of Nutrition, Norwich Medical School

Healthy living and ageing

Improving outcomes of acute stroke

Healthy living and ageing

A holistic Approach to Disability

Cancer research

Improving prostate cancer diagnosis

Pollen allergy research

Pollen predictors