An opportunity to work for external organizations An opportunity to work for external organizations

Professional Practice SchemeProfessional Practice

The Professional Practice Scheme aims to students’ transition from the academic to the professional world. These projects have helped many students realise the connection between what they do in their modules and potential future occupations. In 2016, 80% of the total students taking part in the scheme agreed or strongly agreed that their projects where beneficial to their employability. It also helped more than 70% of all participants to better understand the crossover between university and the professional world.

The core idea of this innovative scheme is that a piece of formative or summative work can be used internally (to assess a student’s progression), but also externally, if the content of the work is of interest to an organisation.

What Professional Practice Projects could you do? Examples of past projects.

Write a report for an MP! As part of the Parliamentary and Public Policy Research Placements, students are paired up with an MP, MEP, non-parliamentary organisation (such as pressure groups, think tanks, NGOs, local government) who mandate a report on topic of interest.

Translate material for museums! As part of our Translation Work Experience Modules, students work in groups to translate material for museums/heritage sites. Past partners include the Norwich Castle Museum, the Sainsbury Centre and Blickling Hall.

Contribute to junior doctors’ training! A part of our Public Service Interpreting module, Students work with young doctors and health professionals, providing them with experience on how to interact with patients via the mediation of an interpreter.

Help a charity improve their promotional material! As part of our Discourse and Power module, students have analysed the communication material of local charities, such as the LGBT project or BEAT.

More examples here.

“The Project was more than useful in considering how the public perceives our organisation, and in helping us to promote our service in a more professional way”

Fiona Liew-Bedforf, Project Manager, Norfolk LGBT Project, after a group studying applied linguistics analysed promotional flyers.

More information on the scheme here.