A broad range of opportunities are available to PPL students A broad range of opportunities are available to PPL students

PPL offers plenty of opportunities to students who are keen to get professional experience. Here are examples of past and current internships:

International internships

PPL Brussels Internships Programme

Students taking our ‘European Studies (with Brussels Internship)’ module benefit from our contacts in Brussels to do an internship. Internships usually last one month although we can sometimes arrange shorter and longer ones - from two weeks to three months. Most interns work at the East of England Brussels Office in Brussels alongside policy officers, meeting Members of the European Parliament and their staff, as well representatives from the European Commission and third sector. We have established a UEA Brussels Office to work with East of England Regional Office staff, and our interns assist with research, promote awareness of UEA and the School at the European level. At the time of writing (September 2018) Brexit means there are some uncertainties but we are working hard to maintain and extend our internships programmes in Brussels, and beyond, by developing hosting intern relationships with a variety of non-governmental organisations.

PPL East of England Office

Geneva Internship Programme

We have intern hosting relationships allowing some of our students to do internships in third sector organisations in Geneva. For example, we have an ongoing collaboration with Graduate Women International (GWI) (http://www.graduatewomen.org/), an organisation which advocates for women’s rights, equality and empowerment through access to secondary and tertiary education. Event and social media management, as well as representing GWI at United Nations sessions in Geneva are activities past interns have undertaken.

Teaching and Work Experience during the Year Abroad

Students of French and Spanish honours going on a year abroad can apply to go on a British Council placement, to teach English in primary or secondary schools in Spain, France or Belgium.

Many students elect to do an internship on their year abroad. The School has many links with organisations overseas that have hosted PPL interns and volunteers such as Fundación Vivo Sano, a health defence organisation in Madrid, CEN, the European Committee for Standardization in Brussels, and SKIP, an NGO helping economically disadvantaged children in Peru.


Campus/locally-based jobs, internships and volunteering

Research Assistant Internships: between five to eight of our students each year get the opportunity to assist a PPL lecturer with ground-breaking research. Tasks vary and include organising events, helping to set up experiments, and writing up reports.

British Red Cross Placements: We’ve set up a partnership with the local branch of the British Red Cross for four of our students to go on volunteering placements in the Refugee Support Office, and other departments.

Language Ambassador Roles: we have about 40 paid positions for students who speak at least two languages, helping to promote languages and support language-based events with young people and teachers.

More experience in PPL: we are always keen to make the most of and reward student talent. Paid student roles include being an ambassador at open days, or taking care of the School’s social media platforms.

MyCareerCentral Database: UEA’s internship team works hard to provide students with a variety of exciting jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities advertised on a very user-friendly platform. PPL students are regularly sent updates on relevant opportunities. For more information, go on UEA's Internship page.