A broad range of opportunities are available to PPL students A broad range of opportunities are available to PPL students

PPL offers plenty of opportunities to students who are keen to get work experience. Here are examples of past and current internships:

International internships

PPL Brussels Internships Programme

A month-long placement as a Policy Officer at the East of England Brussels Office working alongside policy officers, meeting Members of the European Parliament and their staff, as well from the European Commission, third sector, and representatives from the East of England. We have established a UEA Brussels Office to work with East of England Regional Office staff, and our interns help to run UEA Brussels, assist with research, and promote awareness of UEA and the School at the European level.

PPL East of England Office

Teaching Experience

Students of French and Spanish honours going on a year abroad can apply to go on a British Council placement, to teach English in primary or secondary schools in Spain, France or Belgium. We also enable two final year students of French to spend a year teaching English either in Nice Sofia Antipolis University, or Lorraine University (Nancy) after they graduate.

More and more students elect to do an internship on their year abroad. The School has a number of links with organisations in relevant countries that have hosted PPL interns in the past, such as:

Fundación Vivo Sano (Health Defence Organisation in Madrid), http://www.vivosano.org/, Communication, translation and policy work.

Excellencia (language study holiday centre near Paris), http://www.excellencia.fr/fr, Administrative, camp-assisting and language teaching work.

CEN (European Committee for Standardization in Brussels), http://www.cencenelec.eu/Pages/default.aspx, editor work.


Campus/locally-based jobs, internships and volunteering

BBC Voices Work-placements: these practical media internships are part of our MA in Broadcast Journalism, and involve about 50 students a year, who receive coaching and produce video content for BBC Voices. Other practical media placements have included the Future Radio, Radio Norwich, Archant and EPIC.

British Red Cross Placements: PPL has established a partnership with the local branch of the Red Cross for four students to go on volunteering placements in the Refugee Support Office, and other departments.

Internship at UEA’s Study Abroad Office: the student intern worked as part of the incoming students’ team.

Outreach Advocate roles: giving 5 PhD students the opportunity to gain teaching experience with young people as well as event management and coordination.

Language Ambassador Roles: roughly 40 paid positions for students who speak at least two languages, helping to promote languages and support language-based events with young people and teachers.

MyCareerCentral Database: UEA’s internship team works hard to provide students with a variety of exciting jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities advertised on a very user-friendly platform. PPL students are regularly sent updates on relevant opportunities. For more information, go on UEA's Internship page.

PPL also encourages and facilitates local volunteering which gives students experience directly related to their course. In the past, Language and Communication students have for example set up an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) practice group in collaboration with Norfolk County Council. Producing content for Future Radio (a local community radio) is another activity some of our students have undertaken in the past, creating mini Japanese, French and Spanish lessons, or political programmes.


PPL International Study Programme

PPL has an exciting annual programme of short periods of international study in Paris, Brussels, Kortrijk in Flanders, and Geneva. The Programme normally takes place between March and May.

Participation enhances classroom based study through talks, tours, visits and in situ teaching in centres of international governance with a significant presence of international organisations, non-governmental bodies and media. The Programme also raises awareness of the opportunities for employment at the international level by opening horizons, through networking such as meeting officials, politicians and UEA alumni, and by developing employability skills to meet the attributes expected by employers of graduates in today's world.


The PPL International Study Programme includes:

Paris Careers Programme: aimed at language students in particular. Visits aim to make students discover a variety of domains their course can lead to, and include the interpreting services of the OECD, UNESCO, Agence France Presse, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce, as well as the French National Assembly.

Brussels: International Careers and Employability Programme (BICEP): aimed particularly at students studying international relations, security, politics, European studies, languages, with teaching, visits, tours, and discussions at NATO institutions, the European Parliament, the UK Representation to the EU, as well as the European Commission.

Kortrijk and Brussels Media Programme: especially for students of broadcast journalism, or media, culture and society. This trip includes interactive project work with students from HoWest University College in Kortrijk, Belgium, and visits and talks at NATO, the European Institute for Asian Studies, and European Parliament.

Geneva International Studies Programme: aimed especially at students of international relations, public policy, and security studies. Visits include the United Nations, UNHCR, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Health Organisation, and non-governmental bodies concerned with reducing nuclear proliferation, human rights, etc.

Each strand is relevant to students of a different degree course but each is also open to students from all disciplines within PPL.


Campus/London-based visits and events

PPL students benefit from a number of yearly events organised by UEA Career Central, such as:

Influencing for a Living : a day of presentations and panel discussions with alumni working in local or national government, as well as national and international NGOs,

Languages at work, a panel discussion featuring language graduates talking about their careers and giving advice to current students,

PhD Outreach workshops leaders: we invite PhD students to deliver workshops to young people on their research, and gain key communication and teaching experience. This is a paid opportunity.

Language Ambassador Roles: 40 paid positions for students who speak at least one other second language, helping to promote languages and support language-based events with young people and teachers.

Global Opportunities week: aimed at raising student's aspirations to work overseas, each day of this week-long fair are themed around a particular part of the world.

All our events rely heavily on alumni, who can give helpful insights and advice on how to best transition into the world of work. Other UEA careers events include, amongst many others, Working with Words and UEA’s Recruitment and Opportunities Fair. PPL also organises day-trips to London, for example to visit a subtitling and dubbing company, Westminster, or the Guardian’s offices.

Note that the programme varies year on year.