Careers and employability in PPL Careers and employability in PPL

Why are our graduates employable?

We aim to equip our students with the skills and experience to compete effectively in the job market. We are here to support you to really differentiate yourself and impress potential employers. But what are they looking for?

An acute and critical mind

This is notably the case in our Philosophy courses: because of the rigour and logical precision involved, students graduate with powerful intellectual strengths, comparable with the outcomes of a science degree, but combined with the sensitivity and well-developed communication skills typical of an arts degree.


This is another very important attribute that makes our students stand out, such as in Language and Communication Studies: imagine having to put your point across accurately in a language that you speak less fluently than your mother tongue. This requires a lot of cognitive flexibility and courage, so does the very fact of opening a bank account in a foreign country on a year/semester abroad!

A global mind-set

We live in a global society, and our students graduate with a global mind-set and an awareness of the opportunities and challenges which lie much beyond the UK borders. Our International Relations course notably ensures that students acquire solid grounding in different theories which can be practically applied in real life situations.

Creativity and innovation

These are core attributes developed in all our courses. Media and Society students for instance need to be able to research to a brief, and the ability to take an idea through to its practical application, very often as part of a team, which also entails good communication and leadership. 


PPL has put in place a set of activities to help students achieve their potential in view of today's job market:

Internships and Work Experience

Programmes, Visits and Events

Workshops and Skills Award


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