Data Collection and Fieldwork Data Collection and Fieldwork

  • background interviews with staff from across the organization (n=27)
  • an online survey, which enables us to solicit views of staff from all parts of the organisation (n=1356/3190, 42%);
  • a small round of interviews to help us interpret responses to the online survey (n=40, AST and AD staff);
  • a more extensive programme of interviews, which allow us to explore key themes in detail (n=77, 42 Heads of Unit, 23 Directors and 12 Directors or Deputy Directors General);
  • focus groups, which engage employees from the same staff grouping in discussion of their experience of the organization (Ads, ASTs, Lawyer linguists, Translators, Logistics).


We used data for the entire GSC staff to calculate weights which ensure that our survey sample is representative by gender, role, and DG type.