The Identification of Medication Adherence Barriers Questionnaire 

Thank you for your interest in the IMAB-Q. The IMAB-Q, which is entitled “You and your medicines” for patient use has been designed to identify barriers to medication adherence. There are two different versions of the questionnaire available to download as seperate pdf documents; the original 30 question version and a new 10 question version.

We are currently using the IMAB-Q in a research study, “Validation and Feasibility Testing of a Novel Questionnaire to Identify Barriers to Medication Adherence”. Please visit our project webpage here.

The IMAB-Q was developed by Dr Claire Easthall for her PhD project entitled “The Development and Evaluation of Pharmacy-Led Medication Adherence Services” under the supervision of Dr Debi Bhattacharya, University of East Anglia with acknowledgement and thanks to Dr Natalie Taylor, University New South Wales, Australia.

If you would like to know more about the research behind IMAB-Q please see the following abstract:

The barriers to medication adherence experienced by patients prescribed cardiovascular disease preventative medication. Tracey Brown, Claire Easthall, Michael Twigg, Natalie Taylor and Debi Bhattacharya. International Journal of Pharmacy and Practice, 2016; Supplement 3, Abstract 0151, page 15.

Downloading the questionnaire 

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