Trainee comments Trainee comments

Below are some comments from recent past trainees about different aspects of the training programme.

'The residentials covered a wide range of topics, which were very helpful and relevant to the GPhC syllabus. The clinical sessions helped me to understand several aspects of practice e.g. blood test results, renal function and hepatic disease.'

'The use of different teaching techniques, including tutorials and interactive learning worked really well!'

'The residentials provided a good opportunity to meet other trainees and learn from their experiences. There were lots of interactive sessions and the opportunity to work together.'

'Spot on! Well organised with good content and the opportunity to hear from many different specialists'.

'The residential sessions and materials helped me a lot in both the planning of my audit project and analysis of data.'

'The audit report day acknowledged our hard work. I really enjoyed presenting my audit findings to pharmacists outside my trust.'

'I learned how to respond to a range of symptoms and had lots of opportunities to practice these skills. My community pharmacy placement helped to reinforce what I learned at the regional residential study days.'