A nationally accredited course A nationally accredited course

About the Course

The use of Patients' Own Drugs (PODs) and the further supply of medication to patients is widespread within healthcare organisations in the UK. Effective Medicines Management improves patient safety and can reduce both wastage and expenditure.

Our nationally accredited course provides pharmacy technicians in medicines management roles with the knowledge and skills to manage medicines effectively in different patient environments. The course is suitable for pharmacy technicians and support staff in or moving in to medicines management roles. Delivered as blended learning of e-learning, face-to-face teaching at one study day and practice-based activities, to complete the course candidates are required to:

  • Complete an accuracy logs of minimum 100 PODs (Module 1) and minimum 100 transcribed items (Module 2)
  • Complete all e-learning and e-assessments
  • Compile a portfolio of reflective practice-based activities and observed assessments
  • Complete an external review

Entry Requirements

  • Be registered with the GPhC and working in or towards a medicines management role
  • Have an allocated Educational Supervisor*
  • Be recommended by their Senior Pharmacy Manager

The APTUK Foundation Pharmacy Framework can be used to develop a pharmacy technician prior to undertaking this course by identifying and addressing any gaps in skills before commencement.

NB: For Pharmacy Assistants please see separate criteria as follows:

  • Have a written recommendation from the Chief Pharmacist
  • Be working in a patient facing role
  • Have an allocated Educational Supervisor* based within the trainee’s trust/organisation who is an appropriately experienced pharmacist or an accredited medicines management pharmacy technician/accredited healthcare professional or has equivalent experience at the practice base to be acknowledged as occupationally competent
  • Demonstrates a good working knowledge of local Standard Operating Procedures to the Chief Pharmacist and Educational Supervisor

*please note that new educational supervisors for this course are required to attend a half day educational supervisor study session. For more information and available dates go to Educational supervisor study sessions

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the functions fo the e-portfolio and e-learning environment

  • Ways of embedding professionalism, patient safety and CPD within the medicines management role

  • Identify the legislation and guidance upon which medicines management processes are built

  • Demonstrate how to assess patients own drugs and arrange further supplies of medication

  • Consider and discuss ethical dilemmas in practice and how to deal with them

Study Days

  • Wednesday 05 June 2019 - CPDC Centre (Hobson Room), Cambridge, CB2 9NL

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To book an assessment or for further information please email:

Sharon Walker or Kate Cannon or Chloe Beale
Specialist Pharmacy Education & Training Technicians