Dispenser Responsibility Dispenser Responsibility

About the Course

Everyone involved in the dispensing process is accountable for their own work. The dispenser is responsible for ensuring that every item they dispense is accurate before passing it on for a final accuracy check.

The aim of this scheme is to enable all levels of pharmacy staff to provide evidence that they can dispense accurately.  It will also enable individuals to recognise different types of dispensing errors, determine their individual error rate and encourage reflection on any errors that are made to help establish further training needs.

Target Groups

The scheme is suitable for all levels of pharmacy staff, including pharmacy technicians as a pre-requisite for the ACPT Scheme.

Learners undertaking the Level 2 (NVQ) Certificate and Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Pharmacy Service Skills will find the scheme a good source of evidence for the following units:

  • Assemble prescribed items
  • Undertake an in-process accuracy check of assembled prescribed items prior to the final accuracy check

Course Delivery

This scheme is delivered via Blackboard – the virtual learning environment used by UEA.  Blackboard offers maximum flexibility for learners and allows tutors to monitor the progress of their learners at the touch of a button.


Candidates wishing to register for the scheme should do so via the link to the UEA Application Form below:

UEA Application Form

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For further information, please email: Melanie Boughen, Director of Pharmacy Technician Programmes