Dedicated to the School's development Dedicated to the School's development

The Board offers support and advice on key aspects of the School's development, in particular strategy and employability of graduates. To fulfil the role Board members will be involved in the following types of activities:

  • To ensure our taught programmes are relevant to the needs of industry.
  • To discuss issues across: Admissions, Placements, Recruitment and Marketing,  Skills, Succession and Accreditation.
  • To discuss current research themes and developments relevant to research groups.
  • To promote the School and University and support the harnessing of opportunities.
  • The powers of the Board will be limited to recommending lines of action based on strategic and operational information received from the School's Executive. The final decision on whether or not to act on the recommendations will rest with the Head of School on advice from the School Management Group.

Members of the Board are:

Name Position
Steve Davidson

Chair of the NBS Advisory Board 

MD of Marsh and Chair of Finance Industry Group (FIG)

Ms Anna Soroko Legal Director, Bond Dickinson
Ms Chloe Smith, MP MP
Mr John Noble Director, British Brands Group
Ms Caroline Jarrold

Community Affairs Director, Jarrolds.

Chair, VisitNorwich

Prof Paul Dobson Head of School, Norwich Business School
Prof Roland Kaye Emeritus Professor, Norwich Business School                      

Board member, Ashridge Business School and BPP Business School

Joe Greenwell CEO Automotive Investment Organisation, UKTI
Julian Hynd NS&I Director
Mark Body Head of Group Tax Reporting , HBSC
Michael Gurney Director of The Point