Scholarships available to Full Time MBA students Scholarships available to Full Time MBA students

We offer a number of Scholarships to offer holders, covering up to £9,500 of the course fees. 

To be considered for the following limited number of scholarships you will need to have a formal written offer and have submitted your scholarship statement of 500 words to, explaining how your work and / or life experiences will add to the value and richness of the learning within your MBA class.   

The below opportunities are initially available until 3rd November 2017 for January 2018 start, at which point the scholarships will be reviewed and may reduce. Apply early to have the best chance of securing funding.


Full time MBA

Leadership: £9,500 of course fees covered available to those candidates who demonstrate exceptional leadership experiences and qualities.

Responsible World: £7000 to be awarded to a candidate who demonstrates a desire to make a significant positive difference to their country and / or the world in general.

African: £5000 to be awarded to exceptional offer holders from this region.

Asian: £5000 to be awarded to exceptional offer holders from this region.

Americas: £5000 to be awarded to exceptional offer holders from this region.

Australian: £5000 to be awarded to exceptional offer holders from this region.

European: £5000 to be awarded to exceptional offer holders from this region.

UK: £5000 to be awarded to exceptional offer holders from this region.

UEA Alumni: £5000 to be awarded to offer holders who are UEA Alumni.


We are currently running an MBA Challenge with the chance to win a 50% scholarship for our full-time MBA programme starting in January 2018. Find out more about the application process here.


Executive MBA

A number of scholarships are available for offer holders covering up to £9,500 of the course fees. 

Norfolk Network generously sponsor one scholarship, covering up to 50% of the course fees for an eligible Norfolk Network member.