Committed to Researching the Big Issues Committed to Researching the Big Issues

The School is committed to the mission of UEA to make a real impact on the world and research the bigger issues. We follow a coherent growth strategy with three main components:

  • To strengthen individual research areas
  • To improve the School's research environment
  • To further develop a reputation as a business school that produces research that is both rigorous and highly relevant to users

We place a particular strategic emphasis on the focused expansion of external research funding and collaborations to enhance and expand the impact of the work of our researchers.

Responsible Business is a defining aspect of our strategy, which reflects the research interests of our staff and the reputation of UEA as one of the leading universities globally in interdisciplinary research related to climate change and environmental sciences. Key themes within Responsible Business include:

  • Diversity and equality
  • Accountability and corporate governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Responsible work practices (including occupational health)
  • Ethical marketing and business conduct
  • Green innovation and supply chain management
  • Environmental business policies

A natural meeting point for research and commercial activities around Responsible business is the flagship Enterprise Centre  which is housed in a major new £8m exemplary low carbon building.