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The focus of this group is research and teaching in the areas of innovation management, technology management and operations management. Members of the group have interests in a variety of topics relating to these themes as can be seen in their keywords. The group aims to develop and extend academic theory as well as delivering insights that can impact both policy and practice. Group members use a range of research approaches and methods to collect and analyse empirical data and develop new knowledge.

This group is convened by Professor Andrew Fearne and comprises 9 resident faculty members and 9 postgraduate research students.

The Faculty members of this group are:

Dr Alfonso Avila-Merino – economics, policy and technology issues related to innovation

Dr Pat Barrow – philosophy of information systems, systems theory, stakeholder participation in information systems development

James Cornford – public services; information sharing; e-Government; interpretative studies; innovation; creativity; integration of health and social care; telecare; higher education management

Professor Konstantinos Chalvatzis

Konstantinos' research focuses on energy policy and energy supply security. He has previously been involved in teaching and research about environmental and energy business subjects in institutions in Greece and Egypt.

Professor Andrew Fearne - value chain management

Dr Hangfei Guo - operations and supply chain management, game theory, operational research and marketing-operations interface.

Dr Nikolaos Korfiatis  - Online consumer reviews, analytics of product returns, Mobile commerce, Marketing Analytics, Sharing economy and competition.

Professor Fiona Lettice – green innovation and sustainable supply chain management, social and responsible innovation, disruptive innovation, new product development, buyer-supplier relationships, brand personality

Dr Brad McKenna - information systems, social media, information technology and tourism, virtual worlds,virtual reality, information technology and people, qualitative research, interpretive studies, social impacts of technology, location-based services.


Postgraduate Research Students

The group has 7 postgraduate research students and 13 postgraduate research alumni:

Md. Mamoon Al Bashir - " Sustainable Global Supplier Selection for the Readymade Garment Sector using Cloud Computing Technology"  - Supervisor: Nishikant Mishra

Debbie Cook - "National Health Service (NHS) Integration: what with who? An exploratory case study of absorptive capacity within Clinical Commissioning Groups" - Supervisors: James Cornford, Val Lattimer

Stephen Jones - " Access Granted: On the Security of Near-Field Enabled Keycards. Supervisors Fiona Lettice and Joost Noppen (CMP)

Akshit Singh - " Improving Efficiency and Reducing Waste in the Beef Supplu Chain"  Supervisor : Nishikant Mishra

Mr Panagiotis Stamolampros  PhD candidate: Empirical finance, Risk Management (supervisors: Raphael Markellos, Nikos Korfiatis, Andrei Stancu).

Senmao Xia – "Will Trust Prohibit Technology Transfer? Transaction Cost Economics Approach" – Supervisors: James Cornford, Min Zhang

Chufan Zhuang - "Linking International Technology Transfer with limited absorptive capacities between China and UK ". Supervisors Fiona Lettice and Min Zhang

ITOM PhD Alumni

Kemi Faloye - "What factors influence coopetitive relationships within an interorganisational  network ?" - Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, james Cornford. Graduated 2015

Dimitrios Zafeirakis - "Design, Modelling and Valuation of Innovative Dispatch Strategies for Energy Storage Systmes" Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, Konstantinos Chalvatzis and George Daskalakis, Giovanni Baiocchi (external). Graduated 2015

Ewelina Lacka – "A cross-cultural model of e-commerce acceptance" – Supervisors: Hing Kai Chan, Nick Yip. Graduate 2015

Olatunde Durowoju– "Information Security Breach and its Impact on Supply Chain Performance" – Supervisor: Hing Kai Chan, Xiaojun Wang. Graduate 2015

Dr Richard Rutter – "An empirical study of the effect of brand personality and consistency between marketing channels on performance within the UK higher education sector" – Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, Stuart Barnes.  Graduated 2013.

Dr Cathy Lindner – "Assessing determinants of customer loyalty in an online news service content" – Supervisors: Stuart Barnes, Linda Peters. Graduated 2013.

Dr Sadaqat Ali – "Market based organisational learning and organisational capabilities: An integrative framework" – Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, Linda Peters, Hongwei He.  Graduated 2011.

Dr Jalal Tantoush – "The impact of sanctions on buyer–supplier relationships within the Libyan oil industry" – Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, Hing Kai Chan.  Graduated 2011.

Dr Yue Guo – "The development of a model for empirically testing virtual item purchase behaviour in virtual worlds: theory and results – Supervisor: Stuart Barnes.  Graduated 2010.

Dr Hieu Nguyen – "Analysis of the antecedents and consequences of supply chain integration: purchasing and production manager perspectives" – Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, Hing Kai Chan. Graduated 2010.

Dr Markus Tschida – "The impact of market orientation on the performance of professional service firms" Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, Yehuda Baruch.  Graduated 2010.

Dr Jila Bagherian– "A Multi-Level Perspective Towards Energy Regime Transitions: A Wind Energy Diffusion Case Study" – Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, Konstantinos Chalvatzis

Dr Karla Zimpel Leal  "Sustainable supply chains in the food sector" – Supervisors: Fiona Lettice, Hing Kai Chan

Ibrahim Almatrodi "An exploratory study of the power of enterprise systems internal consultants at a Saudi higher education institution" - Supervisors: James Cornford, Hing Kai Chan

Visiting Research Fellows

ITOM is currently hosting 1 visiting research fellow:

Dr Richard Rutter, Assistant Professor at American University of Kuwait, working on the role of social media in managing brands and innovation.

Previous visiting research fellows:

Professor Amy Fraher was researching 'Honing Sense-making and Intuition in Public Order Decision Making' during 2014.

Professor Hesham Alfares from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Systems Engineering Department, Saudi Arabia. His visit, from 29 May to 29 July 2013, was supported by the British Council Summer 2013 Research Programme to develop A Production-Inventory Model with variable Holding Cost and Quantity Discounts.

Dr Gendao Li from Jilin University, China.  His research at the Norwich Business School, in 2013 to investigate innovation and supply chain performance issues and his visit was funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council. 

Dr Yunzhang Hou from Fudan University, China. His research at the Norwich Business School, in 2013, was to investigate trust and social networking along the supply chain and his visit was funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council.

Dr Xi Liang from Chongqing University, China. His research at the Norwich Business School, in 2013 was to investigate the low carbon supply chain and his visit was funded by Chongqing Jiaotong University.

Research Funding and Support

Research activities by group members have been supported by a variety of external and internal funding sources including the European Union, Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), British Council, British Academy, Innovate UK and the Chinese Scholarship Council.
We have also worked with organisations including Adnams, Atos Origin, BMW, BT, Centrica, Clever Together, Freshfields, GlaxoSmithKline, Mercedes, Nissan, OECD, Proxama, Santander, Skandia, Skyline CG, Tesla and Vodafone.

Business Research Partners

Kate Hopkinson is Director of Inner Skills, a consultancy she set up in 1995. She uses an innovative methodology she has developed, called Landscape of the Mind. As well as 30 years experience in management and organisation development, Kate has been CEO of a not-for-profit organisation, and served for 6 years on the board of Saferworld, an NGO concerned with international security issues. She is a designated expert in cognitive sciences for the European Commission, and has been a formal reviewer for EU projects. As well as writing articles and papers, she contributed to the best selling "The Personal Management Handbook". She has been supporting the ITOM research group with developing non-academic impact since 2013.

Peter Thomond is Managing Partner of Clever Together, a consultancy that has deep experience in delivering productivity and growth through innovation and change. Their main approach is to drive value from en-masse engagement or crowdsourcing techniques. Pete is also co-founder and Director of Strategy and Innovation at Sports Inspired, which is a social enterprise with a mission to help confidence, activity levels and life skills of young people through the power of sport. Sports Inspired works in partnership with businesses seeking to deliver community and staff development goals and with local authorities seeking to tackle inactivity and obesity. He has been supporting the ITOM research group with developing non-academic impact since 2013.

Academic Journal Papers

Influential papers have been published in leading international academic journals which include:
Research Policy, MIS Quarterly, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Production Planning and Control, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Transportation Research Part E Logistics and Transportation Review, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Decision Support Systems, Journal of the Operational Research Society, European Journal of Operational Research, Communications of the ACM, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Information and Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Industrial Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, and Human Resource Management Journal.

Members of the ITOM group are editors, associate editors or on the editorial board of the following journals: 
Team Performance Management (editorial board), British Journal of Management (editorial board).

Academic Conference Committees

In 2016, members of ITOM were involved on the organising committees or in chairing tracks at the following conferences:

International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, April 2016, Crete, Greece. (Prof. Fiona Lettice - International Programme Committee)

Published Books

‘Decision-Making for Supply Chain Integration' (by Hing Kai Chan, Fiona Lettice and Olatunde Durowoju, Springer, 2012)

Teaching Activities

The group's research underpins the design, content and delivery of teaching for several relevant courses offered by NBS, which include:
The MSc in Supply Chain Management, the MSc in Business Management, the MSc in Brand Leadership, the MSc in Advanced Management, the MRes in Social Science Research Methods, the Full-time and Executive MBA, and the BSc Business Management, The MSc in Operations and Logistics Management  is led by ITOM.


In January 2016, we hosted the British Academy of Management  E-business and E-government Special Interest Group Doctoral Workshop

In  November 2015, we co-hosted Sync the City  with SyncNorwich (Sync the City

In November 2014, we co-hosted Sync the City  with SyncNorwich (Sync the City)

In June 2014, we hosted the E-business and E-government Special Interest Group workshop for doctoral students.

The ITOM Group and SyncNorwich co-hosted the TechCrunch Visits Norwich event on Weds 27 November 2013.
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