A Celebration of Lifelong Learning A Celebration of Lifelong Learning

We believe in life-long learning and where better to keep your knowledge up to date than our annual MBA Alumni Refresher Day. 2015's event was held on Saturday 19 September, with a day of seminars followed by a tour of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts Exhibitions, and a networking dinner. 

The day brought attendees up to speed on key areas of management thinking at the core of the current course, with world-class tutors leading interactive workshops and seminars in the Executive Education suite. It was also a great opportunity to reconnect with MBA alumni from the last 20 years.


Feedback on the event;

"Thanks for making the day such a success. It was most interesting, informative, and enjoyable experience, which I hope will be repeated." John Hill, Executive MBA Alumni, cohort of 1993 

"I’d just like to thank you all for giving up your Saturday to put on what I felt was a great day. I hope it will something that grows over the years. I found each of the sessions interesting, thought provoking and challenging. I think its too easy to become stale and complacent and this is just the sort of jump-start we all need every now and again." Richard Ross, Executive MBA Alumni, cohort of 2005

"Thanks a lot to your team for organising this event. It was excellent. Took lots of notes and met new people. The SCVA tour was a nice addition; having been there so many times, it is wonderful how much more a guide can add." Alex Krause, SCM MBA, cohort of 2013.

MBA Alumni Refresher Speakers were:

Prof Olga Tregaskis - Improving the Wellbeing of the Nation

Why is wellbeing relevant in the workplace? In June 2015, the Government set up the What Works Wellbeing (WWWB) national research policy centre to improve the wellbeing of the nation. UEA, as one of the research leads and backed by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and Department of Work and Pensions, will be examining the interventions impacting on wellbeing in the workplace. Hear how this is relevant to your organisation and contribute to the research.


Andrea Finegan - Crowdfunding Revolution

This innovative form of financing for individuals and companies by using the web is really taking off in the UK.  Hear about the different forms of crowdfunding including the lending, equity financing and donations models.  This session will cover the mechanics of crowdfunding, as well as examples of some of the success stories.


Dr Kevan Williams - Planning is dead. 

Are we giving ourselves false comfort that planning will help us create good strategy? How do we plan strategy in a future where planning is no more?  How will we achieve competitive advantage in a future where the unpredictable becomes possible?  Let’s decide.


Nigel Cushion - Dinner speaker

Nigel is the chairman and founder of nelsonspirit, an enterprise inspired by Horatio Nelson, which supports, encourages and develops the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Nigel is also a leading non exec chairman, mentor and investor. He currently chairs Frank Dale Foods; is Chairman of the Institute of Directors in Norfolk; and is a Business Governor at Wymondham College.