Management Consultancy Projects Management Consultancy Projects

Module organiser: Dr Graham Manville


A practical approach to acquiring management consultancy skills for those seeking positions within management consultancy practices, or for others interested in managing consultancy projects with their employing organisations. Rather than a traditional dissertation, you will undertake two consultancy projects with established businesses, allowing you to help an organisation achieve its goals through the development of both teamwork and negotiation skills.

Amis and Objectives

On completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the consultancy process and roles within it

  • Apply project, programme and management skills and ethics during management consultancy activities

  • Use a set of analytical consultancy tools and techniques

  • Understand the fundamentals of facilitation skills and consultative workshops

  • Utilise information gathering and research methods to support consultancy activities

  • Develop interpersonal and communications skills

  • Establish and manage a management consultancy.

Learning Outcomes

In terms of providing practical, hands-on management consultancy skills, this module is like no other. Your two consultancy projects will be completed with a client organisation and will either be two integrated parts of one large project, from diagnosis to recommendations, or two separate projects. The projects will either be for the same organisation, or separate organisations, as specific issues and circumstances dictate. Either option offers you a richly rewarding experience.


Please note: This information is subject to review and change without notice.