Accounting and Financial Analysis Accounting and Financial Analysis

Module organiser: Peter Ellington


An introductory course, this module focuses on the use of accounting and financial information by different users of accounts, those external to an organisation, as well as those within. The emphasis is on critically appraising accounting and financial information, and using accounting tools and analysis for management decision-making and improvement of performance.

Aims and Objectives

On completing the module, you will understand:

  • The purpose of accounting and its role in business and society

  • The role and importance of accounting conventions

  • The process by which accounting reports are prepared

  • Accounting as a system for recording business transactions

  • The main financial statements published by organisations

  • How to read and interpret accounting information

  • The nature of operating a business in a financial context

  • Use of management accounting information in organisations

  • The dynamics of costs and break even analysis

  • The importance of understanding and managing total costs

  • Budgeting, budgetary controls and responsibility accounting

  • Managing working capital and the importance of liquidity

  • Investment appraisal and valuation.


You will build on and develop the following cognitive and key skills:

  • Numeracy and quantitative skills including the use of business models

  • Information and knowledge: scanning, interpreting and organising financial data, abstracting meaning from information and sharing knowledge

  • Problem solving and decision making: establishing criteria, using appropriate techniques including identifying, formulating and solving business problems

  • Ability to discuss theoretical and practical issues in financial and managerial accounting

  • Communication using a range of media, including the preparation of written business reports

  • Calculative, technical and analytical abilities, including planning and decision-making in complex and novel situations.

Learning outcomes

Building competence and confidence, this module provides a firm foundation in accounting and finance. You will be able to read, identify and interpret financial and accounting reports, better informing your decision-making capabilities. Importantly, you will also be able to engage in, and continue learning from, key financial conversations that are common to all organisations. 


Please note: This information is subject to review and change without notice.