NBS Mission Statement NBS Mission Statement




At the forefront of business and management education and research, it is our aim is to be a leading international business school, respected for our advocacy of responsible practices, and our desire to assist students, staff and the communities we serve.


Our single-minded aim is to make a difference by doing different.


What makes us different?


Our people

Knowledgeable, experienced and approachable, our people are always on-hand to provide friendly, helpful, expert advice.


Our location

Widely respected for its world-leading research, Norwich is a safe, inspiring place to study and develop, both personally and professionally.


Our facilities

State-of-the-art IT equipment, plus fully equipped classrooms provide the best possible learning experience. While an award winning campus and the impressive Sportspark ensure a well-balanced academic and personal life.


Our relationships

Local, national and international businesses actively participate in our programmes through seminars, workshops, internships and the active recruitment of our students.


Our research

World leading research on contemporary business and management issues informs our teaching, equipping students with the knowledge and understanding they need to succeed.


Our methods 

Launched in 2012, the unique Norwich Business School Method produces high quality teaching and high quality assessment through advocating three actions in each area.



  1. Teaching via questions is encouraged as questions engage students by raising curiosity.  Students are also ‘learning-by-doing’ which aids understanding.

  2. Lecturers are encouraged to practice two types of teaching. Type 1 teaches students something they didn’t know. Type 2 teaches students to challenge assumptions, that what they thought they knew, they didn’t.

  3. Technology can make teaching more interesting and we encourage lecturers to use the internet, video clips, audience response systems and computerised simulations in presentations and seminars.



  1. Lecturers provide marking criteria in advance of marking so students better understand examiners expectations.  To assist, a special NBS Coursework Feedback Sheet has been developed.

  2. We practice feed forward as well as feedback. Whereas feedback helps a student understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own work, feed forward helps the student understand the strengths and weaknesses of work submitted by previous students.

  3. Formative assessment doesn’t count towards a module’s mark and allows students to practise an assessment before doing it for real. The School recommends that every assessment, including coursework, presentations and exams is preceded by a related formative assessment. As they say, practise makes perfect.


Our students

Committed, fun and hungry for success, it is our students who make the real difference. You’re the reason we do different.