Welcome from Professor Dobson Welcome from Professor Dobson

Norwich Business School is the largest School in the Faculty of Social Sciences and one of two Schools in the University with more than 1000 undergraduate students and over 500 postgraduates. With over 100 academic staff members, it is also one of the fastest growing business schools in the UK with a reputation for providing pioneering courses accredited by leading professional bodies (including ACCA, AMBA, CFI, CIM, CIMA, CMI and ICAEW), dedicated to providing an outstanding student learning experience, and producing world-class research that informs and influences business and public policy thinking.

The core of what we teach is about management.  Managing within organisations is both an art and a science; it involves the application of practical skills and professional and technical knowledge of management disciplines, as well as communication skills, informed insight and confidence. Management hinges upon the ability to understand social behaviour; it relies on being able to handle successfully the somewhat contradictory processes of controlling action while fostering motivation, creativity and commitment. Reflecting this view, Norwich Business School adopts an approach to teaching and training which is designed to promote academic achievement as well as developing the potential for future managerial excellence. We are committed to instilling confidence in our students. Our courses provide for the intellectual development of the student to enable him or her to function effectively, within a wide range of business sectors, by adopting a strong managerial perspective based on equipping students with relevant business skills and promoting their personal development.

Growth in the School has been based on the principle that research excellence combined with research-led teaching, alongside close collaborative partnerships with the industry, provide the foundations of our competencies to produce and disseminate useful knowledge.  The personal approach we employ through our small-group teaching and advising to complement lectures sets us apart from our rivals in the teaching and learning experience we provide.  Our research informs our teaching and ensures that our students receive leading edge thinking, skills to serve and advance their professional careers, and an education that it is an investment for life.

In showing an interest in the Norwich Business School at UEA, you have taken an important step in your future career direction. I hope our website will answer most of your questions and provide the information you need to help you make the right decision. If you choose us you will be joining a school with a vibrant atmosphere, built on a welcoming and inclusive approach, in a university that prides itself in providing an outstanding educational experience.

I look forward to welcoming you to Norwich Business School.

Professor Paul Dobson - Head of School