Links to further resources relating to skills building Links to further resources relating to skills building

These are some useful web links for consultation skills:
Clinical Skills Online (CSO) is a project aimed at providing online videos demonstrating core clinical skills common to a wide range of medical and health-based courses.  
CETL is the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning based at Robin Brook Centre St Bartholomew's Hospital London. They have produced a training resource package for Healthcare professionals.
DocCom is an interactive learning resource for healthcare communication from the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare      
Healthtalkonline is an award-winning charity which lets you share in more than 2,000 people's experiences of over 60 health-related conditions and illnesses. You can watch video or listen to audio clips of the interviews, read about people's experiences if you prefer and find reliable information about specific conditions, treatment choices and support.
Skillscascade is a collection of resources set up by East Anglia Communications skills cascade facilitators to promote and support the teaching of communication skills in health care. It covers models of the consultation including the Calgary-Cambridge approach, on which our Consultation Skills teaching is based.
The UK Council of Clinical Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education (UKCCC) is a representative body of the communication teaching leads from all the Medical Schools in the UK. The UKCCC supports the development of teaching materials, holds a bank of scenarios and publishes on clinical communication teaching and strategy.
EACH is a worldwide organisation with the overall aim of promoting effective evidence-based patient-centred healthcare communication between patients, relatives and healthcare practitioners. The association is meant for all who are active in communication research and teaching and for patients, practitioners and students with an interest in communication in healthcare.