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The Dementia Research Collaborative (DRC) at UEA is group of researchers, educators, clinicians and lay people who are interested in dementia research.

The aims of the group are:

i)    to disseminate cutting-edge dementia research findings across UEA, health services and the public

ii)    to foster research collaborations across UEA, health services and the public

Events Events

The next UEA Dementia Open Forum is taking place on:

Wednesday 17th April 2018 from 2-3pm in the Room 3.02, Harvard Lecture Theatre, Julian Study Centre, UEA (see map)

Speaker: Professor Fiona Poland and Dr Lina Birt (joint presentation) - ‘Maintaining an 'acceptable' self within and through social connections’

People living with dementia live as social not biomedical beings and, in common with all social beings, constantly engage in social situations and social interactions. Nonetheless public misconceptions persist of dementia as a ‘living death’ which can add dealing with stigma to the challenge facing those who live with dementia; presenting them with the need to work in various ways to actively manage others’ impressions of them. In this talk we will draw on interview and observation data from the ESRC-funded PRIDE study (Promoting Independence in Dementia) to discuss ways in which people living with early to moderate dementia do actively manage social situations and also ways in which the actions of others may enable or hinder people’s efforts to maintain their acceptable social self. We suggest that to promote positive social health for people living with dementia, it is important to recognise and facilitate their keeping and making positive social connections.

Professor Fiona Poland

Fiona Poland is a sociologist and Professor of Social Research Methodology at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Her career concern has been to use and develop qualitative research methods to recognise health and wellbeing concerns of individuals and communities particularly older people and carers and to support the agency of disadvantaged and commonly-excluded groups.

She seeks to promote collaborations and respectful working across voluntary, statutory, academic and policy boundaries. She is journal editor of Quality in Ageing and Older Adults.

Dr Linda Birt

Linda Birt is a researcher in the School of Health Sciences. Her research interests include understanding the ways that living with a chronic condition can impact on a person’s opportunities for inclusion in communities. Using predominantly qualitative methods, she seeks to understand how personal and societal expectations shape opportunities for inclusion or conversely lead to people being excluded. She is interested in the ‘work’ people do as they negotiate new roles and responsibilities within their social networks. Her work has illustrated the liminal nature of chronic illness whether experienced as a patient or carer, and the importance of supportive others when people try to negotiate a changing health status. 

The bi-monthly series of free dementia events at UEA create an exchange of knowledge between researchers, clinicians, the general public, people with dementia and their carers.  Anyone with an interest in dementia research is welcome.

Researchers from UEA will present their cutting-edge research studies and findings – with a different UEA dementia researcher leading each event. There will also be an opportunity for people to find out how to take part in any upcoming studies.  At the end of each meeting there will be a short 15 minute Q&A and there will be tea and coffee on arrival.  The events are sponsored by Alzheimer’s Research UK.

To book or for more information about the event contact:

Tel:        01603 593540

The events are open to all and free to attend.  Parking is free of charge for this event in the ‘Main Visitors Car Park’ only and parking tokens will be validated at the registration desk on arrival.  Please note that other car parks on campus will incur standard UEA parking charges.  

Many thanks and we hope you will be able to join us.

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