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Staying Switched – Advice for New Vapers From Old Hands

Staying Switched – Advice for New Vapers From Old Hands



Addiction Research @ UEA produces high quality multidisciplinary research evidence to impact upon people who are affected by addiction, including service users, carers, health professionals and policy makers. Our research emphasises responsiveness to social, cultural and pressing health needs, and supporting high risk or disadvantaged groups.

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Dr Hayley Pinto, Consultant, Change Grow Live

James Wade, Lead Advisor, Smoke Free Norfolk

Dr Christos Kouimtsidis, Consultant Psychiatrist in Addictions, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Lynne Dawkins, Associate Professor in Psychology, London South Bank University

Dr Ben Walden, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, Change Grow Live

Dr Sharon Cox, Senior Research Associate, London South Bank University

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June 2020: Calling all smoking cessation advisors! Please complete our brief, easy survey and tell us how COVID has impacted on your service and people who want to quit smoking. We need to hear about positive, and less positive practice! Completely anonymous.

If you work in a UK vape shop, please take part in our survey and tell us how COVID has impacted on your business and how this has affected customers.

A paper on consumer views of vaping legislation has been published this month by lead author Dr Emma Ward

May 2020: Professor Marie Helweg-Larsen made a presentation at the May meeting of the ARG 'Does stigma help or hinder smokers’ willingness to quit?'. The presentation can be viewed using the following link: ARG : Professor Helweg-Larson presentation

April 2020: The COVID-19 Wellbeing Tracker Study was featured in a BBC article: Coronavirus: Should I worry about my lockdown eating? 

The COVID-19 Wellbeing Tracker Study was launched to track how health behaviours and wellbeing have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures. Recruitment has now closed but more information on the Study can be found on our webpage.

March 2020: We are evaluating a scheme provided by Smoke Free Norfolk, offering a vape voucher to people in the Great Yarmouth area who are struggling to quit smoking. Read more on the UEA news page.

December 2019: The CRUK funded TRAJECT study recently started. This innovative longitudinal study uses daily tracking (N-of-1 methodology) and qualitative interviews to help understand dual use of e-cigarettes and tobacco. More information can be found on the TRAJECT webpage.

November 2019: Caitlin Notley was invited to talk about relapse prevention and social identity at the E-Cigarette Summit at the Royal Society in London on 14 November.  A video of Caitlin's presentation can be viewed online: Caitlin Notley - E-Cigarette Summit presentation.

'Why you shouldn't write off e-cigarettes, despite the headlines' by Caitlin Notley was published on

October 2019: Members of the Addiction Research Group along with Smoke Free Norfolk took part in the Norwich Science Festival.

September 2019: Caitlin Notley made a presentation on the Cochrane review on financial incentives for smoking cessation at the SRNT-E Conference in Oslo, Norway and Felix Naughton presented a poster giving an overview of the TRAJECT study.

August 2019: The ECtra study findings were cited in an important Lancet editorial on tobacco harm reduction:

July 2019: A review, led by Dr Caitlin Notley along with Dr Sarah Gentry and researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Stirling, was published in the Cochrane Library providing strong evidence that financial incentives helped people to stop smoking and stay stopped long term: Incentives for Smoking Cessation

Dr Caitlin Notley and Dr Corinna Hackmann (NSFT & UEA) have contributed to a new health policy paper in the Lancet Psychiatry which asks experts by experience what they think of ICD-11 mental health diagnoses.

June 2019: Dr Sarah Gentry, Dr Emma Ward and Dr Caitlin Notley all presented at the Global Forum on Nicotine conference, Warsaw, 13-15 June 2019. Sarah presented longitudinal findings from the Ectra study, exploring associations between devices types, nicotine strengths and smoking relapse over time. Emma presented findings from her qualitative analysis of vapers' views of partnership working with vape shops and stop smoking services. Caitlin chaired the opening science plenary session, with presentations from Professor Lynne Dawkins, Professor Neal Benowitz and Professor Peter Hajek. All oral presentations and plenary sessions were recorded and are available to view online: The team also presented findings from the ongoing E cigarette ontology project, and emergent findings from the evaluation of the smokefree policy implementation at Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust. The two poster presentations can be viewed as PDFs: Developing an E Cigarette Ontology Poster, Evaluation of smokefree policy implementation poster.

On Monday 17 June Dr Caitin Notley took part in a panel discussion on issues pertinent to women working in addictions science. Caitlin was interviewed in the summer of 2018 for the 'Women in Addictions' project, where she was nominated as a 'future leader' in the field. The interview is available to view online:

May 2019: A systematic review of behaviour change techniques within interventions to
prevent return to smoking postpartum
was recently published in the Addictive Behaviors journal.

April 2019: Caitlin Notley took part in a webinar hosted by ASH exploring the role of health visiting in supporting women to stay smokefree following birth and protecting future pregnancies through relapse prevention. 

Felix Naughton & Caitlin Notley will be joint leads on a CRUK funded project on the dual use of e-cigarettes and tobacco. The project is due to start in Autumn 2019.

March 2019: Dr Caitlin Notley hosted a webinar, jointly with Dr Sharon Cox, Janna Hastings and Professor Robert West at CRUK focused on developing an e-cigarette ontology: Ontology Webinar - 8 March 2019. More to follow at a workshop hosted by CRUK in May 2019.

February 2019: Caitlin Notley presented two posters at the SRNT Annual Meeting in San Francisco: Preventing Return to Smoking Postpartum (PReS Study) and Re-configuring Identity Postpartum and Sustained Abstinence or Relapse to Tobacco Smoking.

January 2019: Amy Nichols, NICU research nurse, has published a letter reporting some of our exploratory work prior to the NESCi study starting in April 2019. A copy of the letter can be obtained by emailing

December: Addictions Research Group members attended an away day workshop where we were very productive in developing new study ideas to work on in 2019. We then attended a team bonding visit to an escape room and shared a Christmas meal. Great fun was had by all!

November: Felix Naughton’s paper Delivering “Just-In-Time” Smoking Cessation Support Via Mobile Phones: Current Knowledge and Future Directions was included in a special selection for SRNT-Europe which can be viewed on their website.

Caitlin Notley and Tracey Brown presented a poster on the PReS Study at the SSA Annual Conference 2019 held 8-9 November.

Vaping as an alternative to smoking relapse following brief lapse was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review on 29 November and received coverage online and on BBC Radio Norfolk which is available on BBC Sounds.

October: The ECtra Study published a ‘Staying Switched’ leaflet in collaboration with NCSCT and the NNA which gives advices for new vapers from old hands.

We took part in the Norwich Science Festival on 26 October with SmokeFree Norfolk, where we had interactive displays, games and quizzes to learn about the effects of smoke on your body.  We also had displays on the importance of smoke-free environments for children, and showcased our research on novel approaches to reducing risk and digital interventions for smoking cessation.

September: Dr Caitlin Notley and Dr Sarah Gentry (Academic Clinical Fellow in Public Health) presented final findings on the ECtra Study at the UK E-cigarette Forum on 28 September 2018.

Dr Caitlin Notley attended the SRNT (Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco) Europe 18th Annual Conference in Munich, Germany on 6 – 8 September 2018 and gave presentations on the PRES study and Project HATCH.

Dr Felix Naughton attended the Division of Health Psychology annual conference in Newcastle on 6 September 2018 and won the Highest Rated Abstract prize for “The direction of relationship between smoking and self-efficacy during a quit attempt: an N-of-1 study”.

August: Dr Angelos Kassianos from the HATCH project presented a poster at the EHPS (European Health Psychology Society) Conference held 21 – 25 August 2018 entitled ‘A systematic review of breastfeeding interventions among postpartum women using the Behaviour Change Techniques taxonomy’.

July: Our application to NIHR for funding for the NESCi project (Neonatal unit Smoking Cessation intervention development) has been successful.  The study will officially start in April 2019.

June: Dr Joanne Emery presented a poster Randomised controlled trial of a tailored SMS intervention (MiQuit) for pregnant smokers in routine antenatal care at the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS) 10 Year Celebration Conference.