Hear about our trainee experience Hear about our trainee experience

“I really value the teaching at UEA and then being able to apply that on placement. This is really helpful for linking theory to practice. “ 

“My advisor has been an incredible source of support for both personal and academic issues. Without her guidance I would have found it a much more difficult. I think it is an excellent way to support trainees and the consistency of having the same person throughout training allows for a relationship to develop and for them to understand the way you work.”

"I found UEA to be a great place to complete my clinical psychology doctorate and felt it prepared me very well for life as a qualified clinical psychologist. I really valued the range of placements available and the opportunity to complete specialist teaching in my third year". 

"Research is really valued at UEA which, in the current climate (when psychologists need to use all the skills they have developed) provides you with the confidence to do doctoral research as well as enthusing you to continue doing research post training. I have also found that the staff were very encouraging in supporting me to disseminate my research (including providing me with support to attend national and international conferences and to publish my work)".

“In all my placements I have had excellent supervisors who have been very supportive and I have always felt to be a valued member of the team, which has really helped to enrich the learning experience.”

'All of my placements (4 so far) have been of a very high standard, all Supervisors have been very experienced in trainee learning needs and supportive and informed in terms of UEA requirements.  I have felt a valued and integrated member of each team I've worked in.'

"It was very helpful to have experts and local clinicians teach on the course. This enabled me to really see how theory links to practice as well as to understand local services''.

"I have found the placements at UEA to be a real strength of the course. In each placement I have been inspired by the clients I have worked with, and been lucky enough to have been supervised by clinicians who are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive."