Programmes of research within Clinical Psychology Programmes of research within Clinical Psychology

There are four main research programmes within the Department of Clinical Psychology, and the programme staff are members of these programmes, along with other members of the Department of Clinical Psychology:

1.  Psychological distress and disorders in adult populations which includes psychosis, anxiety and depression (Sian Coker, Jo Hodgekins)

2.  Psychology of childhood and adolescence including PTSD in young people, eating disorders, paediatric diabetes, childhood brain injury and paediatric pain (Sian Coker, Imogen Rushworth, Jo Hodgekins, Kiki Mastroyannopoulou, Richard Meiser-Stedman, Fergus Gracey, Laura Pass and Judith Young) 

3.  Clinical health psychology across the lifespan which includes psychosocial adaptation to chronic illness (Catherine Ford, Imogen Rushworth, Kiki Mastroyannopoulou and Judith Young)

4.  Vulnerable populations including older people, dementia, stroke and acquired brain injury (Catherine Ford, Paul Fisher, Fergus Gracey, Niall Broomfield and Adrian Leddy)

Across these clinical areas there is an interest in the development and evaluation of preventative and psychological interventions, embedded in primary empirical research. There is also an interest in novel interventions and approaches including ‘3rd wave’ interventions, positive psychological processes such as well-being, growth, creativity and wisdom in vulnerable groups, and in critical and qualitative approaches to understanding experience of health conditions.  Staff within the department have experience and expertise with a number of methodological approaches including single case series designs, qualitative studies, group comparison studies and clinical trials, survey and experimental designs.  Further details of staff research interests are available on the MED people pages where you can search all staff members across the school. Staff research interests are also provided for short-listed candidates prior to interview.