international student testimonials international student testimonials

“I consider myself very lucky to study on this programme, leading me to have an enjoyable learning experience. With the support of other trainees and academic staff, race and cultural difference is never a big issue and I never feel alone. As long as you keep open-minded to meet new friends and try out new things, you will find lots of happiness in studying here.”

Things go fast and I can’t believe I have been here for almost half a year! As an international student, everything is challenging and you need to put more effort on it, but as long as you manage the time well, you would have your own time to relax and do whatever you want. ( I always paint and go traveling during weekends!).

“It has always been my dream to study in the United Kingdom. In addition to the excellent teaching standard of the UEA Programme, it is also very flexible i.e., international students are given the option to complete their final year specialist clinical placements in their country of origin. This is one of the unique attributes of the programme that is not offered by other universities. Apart from these academic advantages, the university and its Student Union also provide a lot of help ranging from academic and housing advice, to health and well-being support. Lastly, the breath taking and beautiful campus will appeal to the aesthetically inclined.”

"One of the things I value most with the Programme is the balanced emphasis that is placed on teaching, research and clinical practice. In addition, The Programme has provided me with a unique opportunity to complete my final year of training in Norway, which makes me prepared for working as a clinical psychologist in my home country."