what to do if you're invited to interview what to do if you're invited to interview

Summary Statement

The interviews for international students will either take place at the UEA campus or via SKYPE. We will notify you of the options for interview and further arrangements for each option via email.  We advise that candidates should arrange to Skype from their work or academic base if they elect to be interviewed in this way. If you elect to be interviewed by Skype we will need you to send us details of your Skype username and we will send you a contact request. We need candidates to provide us with details of their Skype username a minimum of seven days prior to the date of their interview.

There will be two interviews: one addressing academic and research topics and the other concerned with clinical issues. For both the Academic and Clinical interview there will be the same three people on the interview panel comprising members of Academic staff at UEA and Clinical Psychologists from the region.

All interviews are conducted using the same script; this helps with equal opportunities and is used to help interviewers rate each applicant in relation to a person specification.

Performance on all aspects of the selection process contributes to an offer of place on the Programme

We will aim to address any questions you may have about the programme at the end of the interviews. 

The Interview Process

There will be two interviews one addressing Academic and Research topics and the other concerned with Clinical issues.

The first interview will focus on Academic matters. We expect this to last about 45 minutes. After the Academic Interview has finished there will be a break of about 20 minutes to prepare for the Clinical Interview. The Clinical Interview will also last for about 45 minutes.

We will provide candidates with the exact timings of the interviews on the day.  Normal University adjustments for disability are offered to candidates who can provide evidence of this. 

We may update this page with more information regarding the interview process closer to the time of the interviews. We recommend you review our webpages regularly to remain up-to-date.

The Academic Interview

The Academic interview is designed to assess your potential to study at Doctoral level on a Postgraduate Research Degree and will address academic and research areas.

For applicants interviewed in 2020, it is likely the Academic interview may include the following components:

  • An assessment of your research abilities and skills based upon your clinical and research experience to date.
  • An assessment of your critical appraisal skills based on a specific piece of research.
  • An evaluation of your knowledge of research design, statistics and methodology.

At the end of the interview you will have the opportunity to ask the panel questions you may have about the Academic and Research elements of the Programme. There will then be a short break before the Clinical Interview starts.

The Clinical Interview

The same interview panel will conduct the Clinical interview

For applicants interviewed in 2020, it is likely the clinical interview may include the following components:

  • A brief clinical case example in which the client will be presenting with a common mental health problem. This will take place in the form of a role play where we will ask you to play the role of the therapist. We will provide you with additional information on the day of the interview. We will be assessing your ability to effectively to build rapport with the client and to gain information relevant to developing an initial formulation or case conceptualisation 
  • A clinical video based question.  We will show you a brief excerpt of a video recording of a client presenting within a clinical session.  We will ask you some questions around this to demonstrate clinical skills.

Recommended reading

We ask all those invited to interview to familiarise themselves with the documents below which provide further details about the course.

Programme Handbook [PDF]

Programme Staff [PDF]

Staff Research Interests [PDF]

Research [PDF]

Trainee Research Conference Booklet [PDF]

Clinical Experience [PDF]

BPS Formulation Guidance [PDF] - external link

Information about Clinical Psychology Services in our Region [PDF]

Job Description [PDF]

Person Specification [PDF]

NHS Constitution [PDF]

The 6Cs [PDF]

Allocation of bases within the region

We cover a large geographical area, and each successful applicant will be allocated a base.  Applicants who are offered an interview are asked to indicate which locations would be difficult and give reasons e.g. child care etc., but we cannot guarantee that successful applicants will receive their preferred base. The preferences expressed do not affect any aspect of the selection process.

Please note that the bases are a 50km radius surrounding the named central point, not a specific location. Further information about bases and a map of the region can be found within the Bases document and the areas that the bases cover are illustrated in the Base Areas document. Please review these documents carefully and consider them when making your indication of preference. 

Forms to complete

Please complete the below forms and return them at the points in the process that have been indicated.

Criminal Record Form [Word] - return prior to interview

References Form [Word] - return prior to interview

Base Preference Form [Word] - either bring with you to the interview or email on the day of the interview

Interview Feedback Form [Word] - return after the interview (either on the day or send in after)