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Programme Handbooks

The Programme Handbooks for the University of East Anglia Doctorate in Clinical Psychology are designed to be a joint resource for Trainees and Clinical Practice Placement Supervisors. They are to be used as a reference text for any issues associated with the Programme in general.

There are four handbooks in total:  Currently being updated by the Programme. 

The Programme [PDF] - Welcome; Introduction to the Programme; Core Values and Philosophy; Programme Governance; Practical Information; Complaints

Clinical Practice and Employment [PDF] - Contact Details; Clinical Practice Placements; Confidentiality and Consent; Host Employment; Personal and Professional Development and Support Systems; Transition to Qualified Status; Useful Policies and Documents; Appendices

Research [PDF] - Welcome and Overview; Research Culture; Aims and Intended Learning Outcomes; Assignments Overview; Who's Who in Research on the ClinPsyD Programme?; Ethical and Research Governance Approval; Research Module Teaching; Research Assignments; Thesis Portfolio; Acknowledgments

Academic Handbook 2019 Cohort [PDF]

The Academic Handbook provides an overview of the academic teaching, learning and assignments component of the Programme. There are different versions for each cohort of trainees.  All versions of the Academic Handbook were last updated on 3 April 2019. The last update clarifies that written feedback on oral case presentations is provided via Blackboard for trainees, but is no longer provided to placement supervisors as "the orals" are now an academic assignment rather than part of placement evaluation. 

Contents consists of: Welcome; Overview; Teaching and Learning; Active Participation in Teaching; Assessment and Assignments; Research Assignments; Formative Assignments (Research); Pecha Kucha; Trainee Research Presentation; Service Related Project Proposal (SRPP); Summative Assignments (Research); Open Book Statistics Exam; Thesis Proposal; Thesis Portfolio; Service Related Project (SRP) Report; Clinical Assignments; Formative Assignments (Clinical); Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs); Summative Assignments (Clinical); Case Reports and Clinical Practice Report; Oral Case Presentation Examinations (known as 'the Orals'); Recorded Process Report (RPR); Assessment of Clinical Practice Placements

Programme Calendar

Programme Calendar [PDF] - Contains the deadlines for all summative and formative assessment dates, as well as minimum and maximum placement days. Separate calendars are shown for each cohort.

Supervisor Placement Forms

Evaluation of Clinical Competencies Form (Competency Review Form) [PDF] – This form is for supervisors to complete in making evaluative ratings of trainees prior to mid and end of placement reviews. The form also makes a recommendation to the UEA examination board on the outcome of the placement. It must be returned to the PGR office at the end of placement.

Placement Contract Form [PDF] – this form is for supervisors and trainees to complete to develop an appropriate placement contract and set goals at the beginning of placement. This form should be submitted to the PGR office within two weeks of the placement starting.

Advisor’s Record of MPR Form [PDF] – This form is for advisors to use to record the discussion and outcomes from the MPR.

Supervisor’s Feedback Form [Optional] [PDF] – This form is for supervisors to provide feedback formally to the course on any aspect of the placement experience. Please return to the PGR office who will disseminate appropriately.

Trainee’s Feedback Form [Optional] [PDF] – This form is for trainees to provide feedback formally to the course on any aspect of their placement experience. This form should generally be returned to the Senior Clinical Tutor and Advisor. Please note this form is in addition to the expectation of trainees providing verbal feedback to their supervisor throughout, and specifically at the end of placement.

Overview of Paperwork Processes [PDF]This flowchart shows the process of paperwork completion throughout a placement

New UEA Placement Paperwork – Overview [PDF] This table explains the purpose of each form

Supervisor’s FAQ [PDF] answers some anticipated questions regarding the implementation of this paperwork

Other Useful Forms

Return to work interview form [docx] - This form can be completed by the placement supervisor and returned to the PGR office and advisor if only placement days are missed through sickness. In other cases it should be completed by the advisor. 

How to add an electronic signature [PDF] - explanatory document