how will i be assessed? how will i be assessed?

The degree of ClinPsyD is awarded after three years on the basis of satisfactory completion of the research thesis portfolio, written assignments, clinical presentations and clinical practice reports.  These include a case report, an open-book statistics test and the thesis proposal (Year 1); a report of the service related project (Year 2); and a second case report and the Thesis portfolio (Year 3).  All work, other than the Thesis, is assessed on a pass / fail basis with marks accorded to each piece of examinable work.  Trainees are provided with learning objectives for each assignment

In each year there are two sets of ratings of clinical work on placements and an annual oral presentation of clinical work (one of which is replaced by a recorded process report).  During the third year of the Programme each trainee has an oral examination conducted by an external examiner and an internal examiner on their research thesis (viva).  

We have also introduced formative assessment as part of the Programme to promote reflective practice and clinical skills development in the form of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).  These occur prior to placements in years one and two to identify individual learning objectives to be addressed on clinical placements.  Formative research assessments including research presentations and service related project proposals are designed to facilitate the development of research skills.

All components of the assessment scheme must be passed separately.