Programme Director's welcome Programme Director's welcome

Welcome to our new webpages and we hope this will help all our visitors find the right information more easily. Over the last few years on the ClinPsyD there have been a lot of innovations and changes being embedded in our Programme. We have seen the introduction of OSCEs as a way of helping our trainees identify and address their own unique learning needs to complement existing strengths and competences. We have begun to welcome international students into our Programme which is exciting as it introduces different cultural perspectives that can influence all of our thinking. We have introduced a new model for our doctoral thesis that will allow our trainees a greater chance of publication pre and post viva. We have excellent research going on all the time here at UEA. We are fortunate to have an excellent IAPT portfolio of training within the Department. A really exciting new development is the creation of an International Experience abroad that our recent students have labelled as life changing. While there are many changes, however, what never changes are our values and our belief that Clinical Psychology empowers people to recognize strengths and to overcome difficulties.

Professor Ken Laidlaw, Programme Director, ClinPsyD and Head of Department