Translated patient information and self-help Translated patient information and self-help

Having access to translated information for patients that can be accessed in a timely way is essential for IAPT practitioners and services. The Royal College of Psychiatry has a patient information leaflets available; including condition information and leaflets about what CBT is translated into a large range of languages and BSL. You can access these by visiting the Translations Index or by clicking straight to the translation you want to access:
British Sign Language
Translated Self Help Materials
To help improve accessibility, the following translated self help materials have been produced in the nine most common, non English languages spoken in London for use by IAPT services. These resources have been made publically available for services to use with kind permission from Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust and are available on the London Health Programmes NHS website.
Mind Over Mood by Greenberger & Padesky is available in a range of languages on their website.
A number of the Five Areas materials are available in language translations. Contact information can be found on their website.